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AntonEckhoff's Stories


There are not many people who could stand on platform 10 metres above a pool and jump; but taking this leap is just the beginning of the relationship between these lads. Having been friends for their entire lives, they find themselves redefining their relationship in an intimate way. This story is about their budding relationship and contains descriptions of sexual acts between them.


A sestina about coming to accept your sexual identity with the help of another – a person who instils the courage to love yourself for who you are.


Disinherited by their father, twins Roland and Robert are given to York Cathedral where they come to rely on each other for emotional support. The twins are two sides of the same coin and cannot imagine how they could survive life without the other; but both of their lives change when Roland meets and falls in love with Wulfric, another novice monk. This is a story of love, jealousy and brotherhood interwoven with the downfall of Richard II and a rebellion against Henry IV.


Twin brothers, aged 16, discover feelings they didn't realise they had for each other. It is a shocking revelation, but through their love and understanding they redefine their connection.


Twin brothers come to stay in the summer house next door to Will and he has an interesting view on the two fit teens.