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Autumn Dream's Stories


When a routine flight to London meets with a rapidly growing storm, Danny and his vacationing family are plunged into chaos. When Danny awakes from the crash as the only known survivor, he's terrified to find himself in a realm of the supernatural: a place where he might just find his soulmate.


After losing his mom to cancer, Aiden tells his increasingly alcohol-dependent father of his sexuality. However, the once loving man reacts unexpectedly and subjects Aiden to verbal and physical abuse. Feeling worthless and lonely, Aiden struggles to find someone that makes the pain in his heart and soul go away.


Tristan, desperate for Nathan to fall in love with him, makes a disastrous deal in order to make that a reality.


Dylan, a lonely teenager simply searching for love in life, finds a connection to a childhood acquaintance and tries desperately to befriend him. When his best friend comes up with a plan to solve Dylan's problem, will it work, or will it only cause him more pain?


After suffering a terrible breakup, Hayden finds himself feeling worthless and alone. Will this all change when he befriends a boy named Andrew one day through his school's drama program? Will Hayden get his wish in this heartwarming Christmas tale?