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-{BM}-'s Stories


14yr Tom is in the closet and notices a boy named Kevin who was 'outed' and bullied at his school. One day Tom acts to save him from a group of bullies and the two boys become friends...


14 yo Jim was outed by his family and friends after they all found out he was gay. After discovering a virtual reality headset in his room that allows him to access 'The World' (a MMORPG) he logs into this new world in the hope that it will be kinder to him than the real one...


Harry saves Draco from a vampire attack but they are both bitten in the process. To add to his problems he finds Draco attractive and it seems the Dark Lord is affiliating himself with a powerful vampire...


13yr Tom begs for change every day on the streets to survive. When he is attacked by vampires the situation looks helpless until a vampire who looks his age saves him from being killed by turning him and allowing him to join a vampire hunter organisation.