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Cailen's Stories


A Collection of Poems from Cailen.


My wedding Vows that I finally got to read to my husband when we got married in April 2008.


A Short Story of a Vampire named Onyx


Raven is the story of a young boy who finds a magical book which opens up a realm of magic he never knew existed, and finds himself the key to stopping a war that could destroy the world.


A day in the life of John, a student at Graydon College.


This was the first novel-length story I ever wrote. This will be a Harry/ Draco Slash story… that means that the two will at one point have sex. This story will also contain MPREG but I promise it will be very vague seeing how that I really don’t like MPREG but this story really calls for it… you’ll see…


A Short about a bad day for a kid named Cliff