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Camy's Stories


2006 Fall Anthology


When Jonathan Sharp meets Jaques Lavalier he has no idea who his friend really is: but then he has no idea who he really is either.


2006 Anthology - Day of Silence


By chance, Kevin finds love at a Texas Party


When Frazer arrives back at school and meets Nyquist, a new boy, things start to get weird.


Robert is a very troubled boy.


Gabriel Dawson is sixteen, and secretly into computers in a big way. But what he started with the best intentions, has got him into a lot of trouble. He needs help badly but he doesn't know who to trust. Adding to his troubles his parents have employed a tutor for the summer holidays, but Gabriel is suspicious ... and besotted.


2006 Winter Anthology -- needs tags


Chris is always late ... and it's raining.


When Christopher Smythe gets a Valentine card his world is turned upside down - until he fathoms out who sent it to him ... and then!


2006 Summer Anthology