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Celethiel's Stories


Devin was a normal boy but one frosty night on the way home from a school basketball game his life was changed forever. Blood will fall like Frost, and death will come on swift wings because of what happened that Night.


Time changes little and at the same time messages can be left with meaning to those in the future, and hope can sent to your ancestors through your efforts. This is my poetry anthology, and is meant actually to be read in order that i posted them from chapter 1-3.


A young man feels that his life is too constrained, and seeks to look on the bright side and his quest leads him to many life changing discoveries.

Book 1 of Myths of Naska *****

What is love and sacrifice....what is it's origin what is beleif and what is the cruelty and love of gods.


A group of friends find more than riches when they set out to explore an abandoned house.


An Abused boy gets a chance as a second life after the horrors that were inflicted upon him.


A boy's attempt to stop a bully brings on an approaching storm, that only turns on itself again and again.


Any horror leaves scars, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Some run deeper and last longer than others

Book 1 of The Horse Tamer *****

A single Unicorn is forced onto a journey that will change his life and the lives of everyone he meets forever.


the Aftermath of a great Tragedy, brings two people together to face the world they now live.


A Young hunter stalks his prey through the wilderness only to quickly come upon something unexpected that would change his life forever.


A poem Anthology about pain and suffering.

Book 2 of The Horse Tamer *****

Daniel was a normal boy, but ever since he met a black unicorn his life has changed. Now with his father dead, he was forced to move back in with his mom, and start at a new school. Life is never easy for the new kid. Especially when dealing with psycho self-appointed gods and demons.