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Celethiel's Stories


Devin was a normal boy but one frosty night on the way home from a school basketball game his life was changed forever. Blood will fall like Frost, and death will come on swift wings because of what happened that Night.


My Fall Anthology, November through December 31. Sadly i didn't do any in October so i can't say this is from October through December...


Time changes little and at the same time messages can be left with meaning to those in the future, and hope can sent to your ancestors through your efforts. This is my poetry anthology, and is meant actually to be read in order that i posted them from chapter 1-3.


A collection of my Light poetry for this year. Finished as of January 2012


I created a poem about how i've been feeling of late.


My first Poetry series of the year... Both Light and Dark<br />January-March


I created something that's been going on in the background of my head for sometime....i hope you enjoy...
This poem actually has alot of meaning to me, and probably to those whom know me as well :D


A collection of my darker poetry Completed as of Chapter three since it's a new year...and i've got a dozen poems to post in a new collection

Book 1 of Myths of Naska -----

What is love and sacrifice....what is it's origin what is beleif and what is the cruelty and love of gods.


A group of friends find more than riches when they set out to explore an abandoned house.

Book 1 of 2013 Poems -----

My new year poetry Anthology, January until April.


An Abused boy gets a chance as a second life after the horrors that were inflicted upon him.


My Spring Poetry Anthology April-June

Book 2 of 2014 Poems -----

My Summer Anthology June through September.


The Ar'Aradu Prophecies were from a rather failed story that i created...
The Ar’Aradu Prophecies left no room for error, or interpretations they were statements of fact having to do with the 3 Elder Races. The Elder Races were bound by the Prophecies, and needed not to force the prophecies onto themselves. They were bound in a suedo-song. These Prophecies were created by the Rhine Maidens at Rhine Mundi, through their connection to the Rhine Gold.