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Cia's Stories


Two childhood friends were separated as their lives diverged. Now the kingdom is at war and death has struck the royal family. Nyle is called back from the temple. Can he help save his war ravaged country from a magical beast that threatens their borders?


There's someone for everyone... and when you find that person, it can be a lot of fun!


A new gun. A new world. How will Vance adjust to his new reality?

Book 2 of Saving Caeorleia *****

Dade is no one's victim. He refuses to acknowledge the truth, that he needs someone who can help him. Of course, the last person he ever expected to find that in was an alien light years from everything he'd ever known.


This year I wouldn't be denied. It was All Hallows Eve and the magic to transform and pass through the veil between worlds would be mine. No matter how many times my mother warned me, I just had to see the human realm for myself.


Brandon is everything to me. The choice I face is unbearable.

Book 5 of A Maze For Three *****

Miah's stake has to be a success; he has something to prove--to himself, to his family, and to all the people who thought he'd fail. But can he find the will to keep going when everything sees to be going wrong around him?

Book 1 of Carthera Takeover Tales *****

The Carthera are a violent race, never failing to respond to battle, they nevertheless are a proud and honorable people. Except for the ferals. Battles for territory, fighting persecution from the humans, for the right to rule, have echoed down through the ages. In these modern times things are different, easier. Laws are made--and enforced--and peace, of a sorts, is possible. Some seek to end that.


He's graduating high school, heading off to college soon. Is he ready? Something plagues him, doubts, dreams, voices from ... Nowhere.

Book 3 of A Maze For Three *****

Miah's in a jam. He can't work his stake, but if he doesn't accept his precious cattle, already paid for with nearly all the money he had to his name, he could lose everything. Lisco and Moshe still want him, and are willing to do just about anything to convince Miah they're serious. Will he let them help him out, or will he let pride ruin everything?


Jo was a wanderer with few ties. One of the few people he was connected with gives him a place to stop and gain his bearings but can he ever be more than a screw up floating from place to place with no heart to call home?


They both have secrets they want to hide. Chris isn't out and his break-up with a waitress at the restaurant his father owns, and he's interning at, results in a lot of pain for someone else. He has to take care of Niel as much as he has to hide how much he wants him. There's something about him that draws Chris in. But Niel's hiding too, from some very bad ... people. Will he have the courage to tell Chris everything and will Chris still want him afterward?


Barron's dad makes him toe the line, and to keep his friends, they do too. The new guy could never fit in... but Revi doesn't act like he even wants to, which drives Barron crazy. Life takes a drastic turn, and Revi Porter's long hair, soft lips, and aggravating emo dress code are the last things on Barron's mind. There's no room for petty grudges in the struggle to survive. When saving a little girl leaves Barron lost in the dark, will he learn how to really see?


Sean was out in the woods taking pictures alone, at least he thought he was...

Book 3 of Saving Caeorleia *****

Nicklaus and Fieo are drawn to each other, but so much stands between them and joining in besedad. Nick has some very real fears to work through, but will he have the time and space he needs to overcome his past? Fieo's mission to find the Collectors will take them far from Caeorleia and stress on their already tenuous relationship.

Will their journey tear them apart or finally bring them together?