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Is everything a choice? At what point do we decide it is a conscious decision? How do we tell the right from the wrong, when we could be just as confused as those we condemn? It is, of course, not everyday that we tell our brothers we love them. Under what obligation were we to love them anyway? This story follows the lives of two brothers, and how, in a confused moment, a catastrophe was born.


Dan has a problem. Or rather, many problems which combine to form one big... how do you call it, a conundrum? Unlike a lot of people though, he already knows what it will take to confront the conundrum and he sets out, on paper, how to do exactly that. In this coming out/coming of age story set in modern UK, I challenged the fundamental building blocks of a writer's craft. Dan's Conundrum is a commentary on what we write, why we write, and why we write the things we write.