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corvus's Stories


"Bud doesn't know who he is anymore, and Foster just wants his music. Both are going home for the summer after two years at college. Neither knows if the home they've always known is still the home they've once known."


On a camping trip with friends, Matt discovers that his cabin's room isn't as empty as it seems.


"Old wounds have a way of opening when they should have healed. Nick Raimondi isn’t too fond of his mother’s love life, and even less fond of some of his more stuck-up classmates, particularly one Darius Wigglesworth. He feels a lot more warmer about Alec, a junior he rescued from a rabid cheerleader in the school parking lot. Life, though, has a way of dealing the most unexpected cards."


Is fate really in the cards?


College wasn't supposed to be a dull and solitary routine. Mike decides to break it. Against his better judgment, he meets Winston, a thirty-something man both married and closeted, and begins an unexpected journey of personal discovery, trials, and, perhaps, triumph.


An ongoing collection of verse.


Tomasz (a recent college graduate, gay, un-employed) finds it difficult to talk to his mother, even in the last months she has to live.


George Shaw is taking a walk through the park when he realizes that he does not remember who he is anymore. Sometimes, it is difficult to feel sorrow when one cannot remember the past.


Paul Ragden takes his family on a summer vacation. The unexpected almost occurs.


2008 Spring Anthology