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Damond's Stories


Alex leaves for college and gets roped into a party with his roommate, Casey. It doesn't take long to realize that not everyone is human, or friendly.


Quinn is starting his senior year in high school and continuing under the stress of trying to act straight. Being set up with cheerleaders whose pride is their body that he isn't interested in is nearly hell. That's paired with his fascination of an openly gay couple, one of whom is in his seventh period. Quinn doesn't know how to approach the younger Cameron, and goes the route that's expected of him... being a dick. His sexual tension grows, and he eventually snaps.


Cole is partnerd up with Zeke for an English project. Cole is drawn to the other teen, and only becomes more interested after Zeke's extensive criminal record... Cole just needs to figure out why someone as timid as Zeke could be arrested.


Dillon and his family move to Gretna, Nebraska. It seems relatively normal and not as rural as he thought. He meets Mark, and they become close friends, both trying to figure out their feelings.




School Counselor Connor Lewis groups up with two out gay/lesbian students. They work together to try and make the school more accepting of homosexuals. Over the years of working closely with the students, relationships are formed for after high school.


Dexter is new to the school as a senior. The social groups are liberal, and he makes friends with a few football players, Sam and Kelly, and some other oddballs. Friendship turns into relationships.


17 year old Justin Grant goes to sleep in a park in 2011 and wakes up in 1880. The freak time travel makes him want to return home, even though his father is abusive. When he does manage to return, he starts to figure out how to control the traveling. The 1880s become his safe place from his father, and introduces him to sexual feelings for another boy.


Michael just moved in with his biological father. Adjusing to his new school takes time, since he is being bullied. A boyfriend seems to save him from that, but that doesn't keep him safe.