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Demetz's Stories


A love poem by a teenaged me, in French and English


A young man, fed up with his abusive parents and fearing they would have him shipped to an offshore torture facility leaves home to start his life elsewhere, only to get caught up in events well beyond his control.


Nathan and David were badly in need of a vacation. This is a peak into their little get-away. Enjoy!


Two young men on vacation... chasing, reminiscience, and much romantic but not particularly explicit content. Many thanks to my muse and inspiration, Silven.


Dmitri moved on with his life, he met someone new, he was more or less happy... and then his ex came crashing back into his life, with the son he once thought of as his own and a drug lord hot on his trail.

Now Dmitri is charged with the care of a five year old boy, has to evade gangsters, dirty cops, clean cops, and nosey neighbors all the while trying to keep his relationship with his lover together as he unveils webs of lies and conspiracies.