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dkstories's Stories


He was just another Average Joe. Then he was displaced, not just from his home, his school, or his country, but from the earth itself. Now he has to survive strange lizards, hostile humans, and becoming something more than just average.

Book 1 of Do Over Series *****

Never trust a mad scientist. The experiment went wrong, but it gives Davey a chance to redo mistakes in his life. What would you do?

Book 2 of Dreams of Humanity *****

Sequel to Dreams of Humanity, the story picks up a handful of years after and focuses on Garret Atrix's search for his son and nephew.

Book 1 of Dreams of Humanity *****

Garret Lars was a clone designed and created to command troops. When the war ended suddenly, political manipulation landed him in a geisha house. He's not there long before the truth sets him free.


Micah was a goon. He knew it and everyone else knew it. But he had connections and it put him in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Book 3 of Waiting for the Sign *****

“Life is full of Hard Knocks, kid, it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference.” Kevin always imagined that his father would have told him that, but he’d never met the man. Working hard, he’d pulled himself out of the swamps of his birth and into Stanford, pitching his way into a full-ride scholarship. Now he’s got another hard knock to deal with, this time from the hand of his ex-girlfriend and the public disgrace that followed.

Book 2 of Harry Potter Destiny *****

The exciting conclusion of the Harry Potter Destiny stories. This is an alternative 7th year story.

Book 1 of Harry Potter Destiny *****

Harry Potter's sixth year started with Draco attacking him in revenge for his father's capture at the Ministry of Magic


Worthington is on the path set by his father. That all changes with his father's unexpected death.

Book 2 of Waiting for the Sign *****

Shane Krendall is 19 years old and has been telling his parents he's been going to college, but he's really been trying to land a role in Hollywood. Will he be Hollywood's next rising star?


Prince Dalen Ashkeveron has long been weary of being compared to his famous relative. When one of the greatest challenges in the history of Valdemar rises, Dalen can't help but answer the call.


It's not uncommon for a gay man to use a woman as a 'beard', to appear straight. What happens though when Dale is asked to be a different kind of beard?


Eddie is not considered the sharpest tool in the shed. Things become interesting when the new preacher comes to town.


Harry surprises the hell out of Draco on the train.


FanFiction set in Ann McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern world. The story follows Jashon. He's the son of a holder that is not following tradition, which, as always, leads to grief and discontent