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FleetingRainbows's Stories


my poetry


college sweethearts who drifted apart and formed new lives, yet a single kept promise brings them together again. Will their connection still stand? Will it lead them back to love ? Only time will tell.


One flight, three hours and a connection they can't deny. Colin is on his way to a business meeting when he meets A flight attendant who captures more than just his attention. Julian loves his job and the escape it affords. One chance meeting threatens to throw all he knows into question. Will these two be able to find love Above the Wing?

Book 3 of Circle of Life *****

Love comes when you least expect it. Sometimes you don't recognize it until it slaps you in the face Four years later, Luke and his friends are still learning about themselves and each other, while finding new ways to embrace love

Book 2 of Circle of Life *****

Luke and Nicholas return to Galena six months after they left for Italy. Along with their friends, James and Mira, they face new challenges and meet new people and confront their past as they navigate through the first year of marriage.


What are the chances of meeting and falling for your first crush? Cameron finds out when he has the chance to be tutored by Spencer Graves, the high school senior he's had a crush on for a year<br />


I decided to try my hand at prompts. going to try exercising my writing muscles


The last thing Bryan was expecting to encounter was a web of confusion in his own home with him at the center of it

Book 1 of Circle of Life ****-

Meet Luciano Christian Allegretti, better known as Luke Sawyer He's seventeen, a recent graduate of Galena high school, and an all around good guy. His favorite pastimes include writing, and being there for his family and friends. Everyone depends on Luke, but when the tables are turned will he be able to depend on them? It is the story of friendship, family, life, and love. It’s the story of an average guy with a not so average life navigating through love’s uncertainties