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FrenchCanadian's Stories


How two guys can have a kid? Follow the event following the announcement of a pregnancy between a couple and their friend. This is what you get after having asked a teen to write a text, keeping in mind the Theatre of the Absurd, in high school.


Tired of failed relationships, Stephen accepts to be set up on a blind date by his cousin.


When Julianne Johnson accepted a once in a lifetime job, she knew that she'd have to move with her adopted son Kai to a whole new city and that they'd need to build a new life together... What she didn't know was that her son’s past would come back to haunt them.


What happens when two gays raises their child to become straight. This light-hearted absurd story deals with a kid coming out as being straight to his gay parents.


This is a little poem that I have written for my special someone almost 2 years ago, that I've decided to rework and finally post


For the students and staff at Wolverine High School, it started as just another average day; homework, classes, meetings until an unfortunate event altered their perceptions. In Rashomon Effect, the incident will be revealed from several different perspectives.


Kyle and Ryan's day-to-day life gets changed as they meet David. How will they react to life's twist of fate?


The tale of a teen searching for the ideal gift for his lover for Valentine's Day


Andrew was living a normal live, trying to understand and live with his sexuality until he gets to fall for the love of his life. The one hitch, they live hours away from each other. Do he have what it takes to make it work and finally see him