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Greg_A's Stories


Alex and Zach meet while transfering into a new college as Juniors and quickly become best friends. Alex soon learns that he would like to become more than just friends with Zach, but will Zach's troubled past stand in their way.


Zach is set up on a blind date from hell and gets more than he hoped for


Shy, introverted Geoff finds himself agreeing to meet one of his online friends - Adam - when he accidently reveals he will be in the area over the weekend. Geoff is forced to meet his insecurites and memories of a painful past while trying to cope with his growing attraction for his new friend.


An ongoing collection of poetry I've written over the years.


A place to hold my responses to the writing prompts.


Eight years have passed since Alex and Zach finally worked thru starting a relationship. Things finally seem to be falling into place in their lives and their love when fate steps in. Alex and Zach both learn what it means to love someone so much that you have to let them go.