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Hasimir Fenrig's Stories


Elias is the son of the packmaster, and this night, he is to be initiated together with Dillon, a friend of former days. As if he isn't burdened enough with all the expectations placed on him, the reunion doesn't work out as expected. An unforeseen event during Dillon's initiation demands decisions of Elias for which he isn't prepared yet.


Leon and Kev become roommates by chance. Though they are very different on the outside, they find out that they have much in common. A written feel-good-movie about romance, love and the Rocky Horror Picture Show... ^^


A roommate's silent dialogue with his friend, who tried to commit suicide.


A thief who learns that stealing the wrong thing can change everything.
A warrior on a journey to leave his past behind.
A fallen god yearning to return to the mortal world.

A story about ancient magic, decisions and love.