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InTheMindOfSunshine's Stories


Wes has his life figured out until he meets Evander and finds that everything has been flipped upside down. Can Wes find his way back home or will his new life be enough?


Atticus has a secret. He prefers guys to girls. Oliver has a problem. He is in love with Atticus--who doesn't even know he exists. Until now.


When Gabe is dumped by his long-time boyfriend, Lincoln, his world begins a downward spiral. Then he meets Henry--the boy who takes all of his pain away. As Gabe and Henry grow closer and closer, Gabe discovers Henry's past is as dark as Gabe's own thoughts. Does Henry hold the key to Gabe's life beyond Lincoln? Or will Gabe be a victim of the past repeating itself?


Darren, a chair, and the ten weeks he spends tied to it.

Book 3 of The Paradox Series *****

On the back patio in the freezing cold air of late December, Zeke learns there is more than one path to happiness.

Book 1 of The Paradox Series *****

Nix Willows is oblivious to everything, including the events of a party two years ago that changed his life and his friends' lives forever. Spencer Rawlins is the bullied outsider with scars from the past that refuse to heal. When Nix stands in between his friends and Spencer, this act sends them on a path they cannot avoid. Add in a sadistic mastermind with a plan of revenge and the fact that Nix's friends know Spencer's secret, and everything starts falling into place.

Book 2 of The Paradox Series *****

If there is one thing Spencer Rawlins knows, it is that wounds take time to heal. He intends to take as much time as possible to become whole once again, but old foes are not so easy to forget--for even as his life starts to piece back together, something else more precious begins to shatter.


The lady on the news is somber as she reads the teleprompter. For a moment, Luca thinks it's a joke. But no. The video is in real-time. There's no mistaking it. A massive blob of extraterrestrial rock is hurdling toward planet Earth at a mind-numbing speed, set to impact eight days from now. The countdown to the end of the world has begun, and all Luca can think about is Felix and how he wishes they would have met even nine days before the end of the world - just to have that extra day.