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J_Ross's Stories


After an accident that leaves his boyfriend incapacitated, Conner is left to try and pick up the pieces and move forward with his life. But moving on is easier said than done as long as Justin's still breathing, and Conner's made a promise not to leave him. With so much of himself wrapped up in a boy that isn't really there anymore, Conner isn't sure he can handle dealing with life in general and starting new relationships, or even hang onto old ones without losing his mind.


Summer flings are always fun. You meet a new person, you just barely get to know them, you have a good time and it’s over in a couple weeks. When you go home back to your real life, the memories are still fresh in your mind and they’re good memories—so good, in fact, that you convince yourself that you were in love.

But you weren’t. Because with real love, it’s not the happy memories that make you smile that let you know that you were in love - it’s the pain.


I wish you could have loved me...


Jake Taylor is definitely not gay...

...Except, he might be.


The caller ID let him know he shouldn’t answer the phone. He knew those numbers, and there was only one reason Trent would be calling him now, when he knew Sara was away.