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Jack Scribe's Stories


SHORT STORY. Brock Burnett, once one of the hottest movie stars and a Hollywood legend, has fallen on hard times. A chance meeting with an old friend and a bizarre turn of events may change his life.


SHORT STORY. Awesome Dude 2007 April Fools Day Anthology that spoofs American politics. Does President Pelosi perk your interest? :o)

Book 2 of Las Vegas Trilogy *****

NOVEL. Young Cray flees from his hostile home in Utah and heads south to Las Vegas. Through meeting a few mentoring adults, he is able to survive, find a new home and start school. His adult friends are in the swirl of this gambling epi-center. Book 2 of the Vegas trilogy.


SHORT STORY. Please be advised that parts of this story portray forced, non-consentual sex to emphasize the dangers of going home with someone you don't know. Although the story does have a positive ending, the road is a little bumpy getting there.


NOVEL. The dynamics of Washington, D.C. swirl around in the background as we follow the lives of four young men who work in different government-related jobs. Intrigue intertwines with personal relationships in this intimate behind-the-scenes depiction of politics in action as the nation approaches the 2006 elections.


SHORT STORY. For Oliver, deception has become a way of life. Who's kidding who?


SHORT STORY. 2006 Fall Anthology. Halloween trick or treating leads to a romance.


SHORT STORY. A fantasfy satire on BDSM - master/slave relationships. X-rated...but with tongue-in-cheek.

Book 1 of Las Vegas Trilogy ****-

NOVEL. Drew is an ambitious, young manager at a Las Vegas casino resort who becomes smitten with an arriving guest. Danger lurks as their friendship grows. Book 1 of the Vegas trilogy.


NOVEL. Jeremy and his group of friends are seniors at a Chicago high school. He juggles a part-time job (to help pay expenses at home) with the academic challenges and school activities of his final school year. His life reaches a watershed moment when he is offered a very unique job at the same time questions about sexual orientation are tested and answered.


NOVEL. In the high-powered Chicago business world, we follow the life of a young successful executive - Jerry Franklin. Although a superstar in his company, the long term relationship with his lover is falling apart. A chance meeting with a younger guy is a catalyst to new love and unexpected challenges in business for Jerry.


NOVEL. A young restaurant manager's personal life is in a real slump until he meets a manager from a nearby restaurant. Complications occur when someone from his past reappears after several year's absence.

Book 3 of Las Vegas Trilogy *****

NOVEL. In Shifting Sands, time has advanced one and a half years. Drew Reichardt and his partner Bob Harrington have kept busy working at the luxurious Barcelona Resort and Casino while forming a family unit that includes young Cray Gamble. Spike, Lou Jr., and Mario all return in this continuing tale that takes place in a recessionary Entertainment Capital of the World. And Jack Gamble becomes a featured character as events unfold. Book 3 of the Vegas trilogy.

Book 1 of Splash Trilogy *****

NOVEL. Four young men from different socio-economic backgrounds meet while serving in the U.S. Navy. Relationships and a natural support group slowly develop. Book 1 of the Splash trilogy.

Book 2 of Splash Trilogy *****

NOVEL. The four Navy friends move on to California and eventual civilian life. Book 2 of the Splash trilogy.