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JamesAlexander's Stories

Book 1 of Tales of The Underworld ****-

Casey Howl has always been the center of strange things' attention. His parents are divorced, and is almost forced to live with his father for a year. He enrolls in Miami Springs High, hoping to have a dull life. That is until he meets Henry Ashen and his brothers. Yep, you guesses it. They are anything but normal. But they, of course, don't know Casey knows that. And they might just kill him if they found out he knows their secret!

Book 2 of Tales of The Underworld ****-

Hugh Montenegro Montenegro is the son of the owner of a successful network of jewlry stores. A year after the death of his mother, his father sends him to Miami Spring, so he can take car of one of the stores they have there. At first his life is pretty normal, untill he meets a vampire named Henry, and his boyfriend Casey. And Casey's friend, Joe. He is then pulled to a world he doesn't know, but that knows him too well.


After inheriting a house in Campwall, one of the two cities in Greenisle, Christian Riveri-Thrust moves to the Island, in the hope of connecting with his father's past. Things are a little different than Charles told his son, and Christian will soon discover that the intrigue is the engine that moves Greenisle both politically and economically.