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Kanaye's Stories


What do you do when the one you love can’t remember you? Charlie’s beloved lost the last five year of his life due to coma. They rebuild their lives but you can't hide from the past forever.


A boy finally gets up the courage to confess to the one he watches.


Gabe, a basketball player, is talked into playing Spin the Bottle for Seven Minutes in Heaven by his best friend and, on his turn, he just happens to land on a teammate.


Prince Kial wants to marry Wizard Brett and he decides thier future alone. Will Wizard Brett forgive him and live happily ever after?


Thribbit and his sister come to Earth to abduct a human. Are they the only aliens on Earth?


A seer has a vision of two paths for his Kingdom of Aerta. Will he be able to lead his kingdom from the path of darkness?


Jared waits for Tane's nice guy mask to slip. Will Tane be the same as Barry, Jared abusive ex-boyfriend?