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Kiltie69's Stories


Peter has given up on romance the journey to and from work his chance to dream.

Book 0 of Marcus and the Slave *****

The story is set pre Julius Caesar. Marcus, an ex centurion and roman citizen has settled to a life running his family's farm, after the loss of his parents. We find him in the slave market looking for new slaves. (the story contains some darker images)


This is the first part of a two parter short story i wrote recently. The tale is based on a dream I had as a young man. Its set in the none to distant future, the world is in turmoil and the UK has been invaded.

Book 0 of Prompts -----

my Prompts


My Best Friends Wedding and a Day I would remeber.


The story is Set in a Trekesk universe. The story is planned to be a multi chapter story, following the Young Captian.

Book 0 of The Courier *****

A story set in present times, set in Scotland.