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NightOwl88's Stories


Amos and Byron have been friends since they were young but as they grew they has to assume their roles in life; Byron as a young noble and Amos as his man servant.

Through the years they each harbored a secret love for each other, something they both had buried due to thier positions.

The time is almost right though that secret to be uncovered. Can Byron over come a year of pain and guilt? Will Amos stay long enough to discover what he has known for nearly a decade?


Abe is gay, Tristan is straight. Abe is in love with Tristan, Tristan is in love with Abe. Confused? So is Tristan.


OK,so I admit it. This time I went a little bit too far, come on! Why in the hell did he have to send me to Timbukf! Ok, so he's not sending me that far in reality, but Zenis Indiana? You've got to be kidding me!! What's there Chickens? Cows? Corn fields? What am I supposed to do there? That son of dad's friend better be hot!. AND GAY! I don't know which would be worse, the cows or GOING BACK to juvy!!!


Four years ago Zeek lost his sight and all Jake wanted to do was protect him from the malice of the world, keep him safe from the bullies at school. Will he be able to keep Zeek safe? Will he be willing to tell him how he feels about him? Join me as we witness the events of Zeek and Jake's lives. Have a seat and enjoy


Max is gay, but hasn't told his firends yet. He's also in love with his friend Josh, who loves him too. What happens when Max's friends find out his secret? Will Josh be brave enough to tell Max how he feels? Will they be able to make the transition between friends and lovers? Their story won't be the only one told. Enemies turn out to be friends, and family turn's out to be enemies. All the while secrets buried in Max's past complicate his future.


When the laws you have sworn to uphold go against everything you belive in you become an Outcast, a Throwaway. Can an outcast ever truely find a new home, a new people. Ask Merek Tiberius.<br />


Soulmate, noun, a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond.
Most people search their entire lives for theirs. Alex and Jeremy found theirs before they even knew what love and commitment is all about.


We all have regrets in our pasts, we've all made mistakes. Sometimes they haunt us. What if we were truly able to change those mistakes?


A young boys' misadventure leads to the creation of a unique friendship between man and beast that lasts a life time.