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podiumdavis's Stories


The loss of a father is never easy, especially when it's sudden. A family grieves, comes together to put their father to rest. In the process, James, comes to realize a truth about his father.


A short poem, dark and sad.


Damien is to confront his own demons, to confront his past, and his future in one foul swoop. Through the help of (others), although unknown, he learns to confront old hurts and see them for what they really are.


A poem of abuse, coming to terms, and finding victory.


A short poem about a transgendered boy. No not me personally, but thoughts provoked by another.


The Journey of Jacob and Kyle is a story of an undying love between the two main characters. This is their journey of finding love, maintaining it, and going through life’s ups and downs together, all the while learning from their life experiences that have been forced in their paths.