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reddirtwriter's Stories

Book 1 of College Judo *****

Matt finds out Shane's secret, and takes advantage of it.


College romance with gamers.


An unhappy soldier becomes friends with a young cowboy, but it grows to much more for both of them.

Book 3 of Wrangler Butts *****

Growing Josh is the continuing saga of two couples at very different places in their lives, and their relationships. Darrin and Mitch move forward as Darrin works toward tenure at the university and Mitch builds their ranch. The younger duo struggle with their pasts, and their future together, with some help from unlikely sources.


College roommates from very different background discover they actually have a lot in common.

Book 2 of Wrangler Butts *****

A gay couple just out of grad school moves to a new town, new ranch, new jobs, and become surrogate parents to an abused gay teen.


Hunter and Ty escape to Vagas to connect away from their kids.


Two hot construction workers, and one horny guy, mix well and you can imagine what happens.


A young man is lost in a snowstorm and find a lot more than he bargained for.

Book 1 of Wrangler Butts *****

Darrin has had a difficult time, but has resigned himself to academia and solitude. But his new office mate arrives, and he is Darrin's living wet dream. A dark haired masculine cowboy with a little bit of attitude, Mitch is going to shake up Darrin's life. But neither of them knows the highs, and lows, ahead of them.