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Renee Stevens's Stories

Book 1 of The Adventures of Jerry & Chris *****

Jerry is a klutz. His boyfriend Chris has reminded him of the fact one too many times, driving Jerry to set out to prove him wrong. Will he succeed or just prove Chris right?


Nick had agreed to spend 2 years in a Cryo-tank. 40 Years later and nothing has changed for him, but he wakes up to a world he doesn't even recognize.

Book 2 of Something Unexpected *****

With summer in full swing, Brad is taking his son Jake on a road trip to California, and every six-year-old's dream come true... Disneyland. He invites his boyfriend Tony to go with them, never expecting the trip could change everything between them.


Bryce has suffered from migraines for years. He's finally on a migraine preventative, but even that can't stop all of them. When one hits at an inopportune time, he has to depend on Kevin to take care of him.


Maki waited years to learn what dragon spirit the fates had gifted him with. Unfortunately for him, things didn't go exactly as he'd always planned.

Book 1 of Encounters *****

A series of stories between main characters Richard and Simon.


What happens at the library is a bit frightening...

Book 2 of Encounters *****

After a series of chance encounters, Richard and Simon move on to planned encounters and dates, but will what Richard is come between them before they can really even develop a relationship?

Book 2 of Eternity Series *****

Kyle Blackner and Jared Maloney are at it again, but this time, the trials are not fraught with danger, merely possible disappointment. Having settled into their life together, Jared and Kyle decide it's time to adopt and begin the trek of finding children who need a new start with a new family. Can they overcome the obstacles and become father's to some kids who are about to lose their mother?

Book 1 of Eternity Series *****

After walking out on Kyle Blackner two years before, Jared Maloney walks back into Kyle's life unexpectedly. Turns out Kyle isn't the only one harboring resentment towards the man who walked out on him with no explanation. A series of attacks designed to keep them apart manage to bring them back together. Can Kyle and Jared rebuild the life they once shared or will the psycho after Jared succeed in keeping them apart for all of eternity.


Tyler takes his husband Ean to the mountains to carry on a family tradition that can be traced back to Tyler's great-grandparents. Unfortunately, things don't go exactly as Tyler had planned.


After a relationship gone horribly wrong, can Jordan learn to trust again or is his past going to forever color his future.


Keith thought things were going great, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for him, things aren't always as they appear.


A fight for his life results in Dom learning that, sometimes, the impossible is anything but.


Damian's belief system has been turned upside down: his sister isn't who he thought she was, and vampires really do exist. Luckily with so many obstacles to overcome and so many choices to be made, he does not not have to navigate this new landscape alone. Vik, prince of his people, has set his eye and his heart on Damian. And what Vik wants...