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Renee Stevens's Stories

Book 1 of The Adventures of Jerry & Chris *****

Jerry is a klutz. His boyfriend Chris has reminded him of the fact one too many times, driving Jerry to set out to prove him wrong. Will he succeed or just prove Chris right?


Nick had agreed to spend 2 years in a Cryo-tank. 40 Years later and nothing has changed for him, but he wakes up to a world he doesn't even recognize.


Maki waited years to learn what dragon spirit the fates had gifted him with. Unfortunately for him, things didn't go exactly as he'd always planned. <br />

Book 1 of Encounters *****

A series of stories between main characters Richard and Simon.

Book 2 of Encounters *****

After a series of chance encounters, Richard and Simon move on to planned encounters and dates, but will what Richard is come between them before they can really even develop a relationship?

Book 1 of Eternity Series *****

After walking out on Kyle Blackner two years before, Jared Maloney walks back into Kyle's life unexpectedly. Turns out Kyle isn't the only one harboring resentment towards the man who walked out on him with no explanation. A series of attacks designed to keep them apart manage to bring them back together. Can Kyle and Jared rebuild the life they once shared or will the psycho after Jared succeed in keeping them apart for all of eternity.


After a relationship gone horribly wrong, can Jordan learn to trust again or is his past going to forever color his future.


Keith thought things were going great, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for him, things aren't always as they appear.


Tyrel never realized the repercussions that could happen from ignoring his common sense. Now he's faced with a choice that will forever alter his life.

Book 2 of The Adventures of Jerry & Chris -----

When Jerry wants to try something new, Chris has a hard time saying no... even when he knows he really should.


When Dave walks away from Brad, Brad is devastated but is forced to hold things together for his six year old son. He's not looking for someone new, but that doesn't stop him from noticing that his son's teacher is quite the flirt, but Tony is still Jake's teacher and nothing can come of it. Or can it?


After being attacked, Trace needs both a place to recuperate and a place to hideout from the men who want him dead.


As a centuries old vampire, Jeremiah Blackfoot is used to living a solitary existence. When he meets the sickly Cale, Jeremiah has to come to grips with the possibility that maybe there is someone out there for him. The biggest holdback for Jeremiah, Cale is human. Jeremiah has watched many lovers wither and die, and has since stayed far away from romantic entanglements. Can Cale and Jeremiah overcome the odds, or is there no hope of bridging the mortal chasm between them.


Found some poems I wrote years and years ago... Have a whole book somewhere and when I find it I will post more.


When Blaine Riley escapes to the wilderness after a relationship gone bad the last thing on his mind is a new romance. After meeting Levi and being pulled together thanks to a bedraggled puppy, Blaine begins to rethink his stand on relationships. When a serial killer gets thrown into the mix, Blaine's first priority becomes keeping himself and Levi safe. Can they catch the man out to destroy Blaine and Levi or will the killer snuff out the relationship before it even begins.