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SidLove's Stories


Luke, a 17 year old guy, is swooning over the new teacher in school. But what about his best friend, who has been dreaming about being with Luke for quite some time now


Who knew that a rejection would lead him to something much bigger and better... and his journey would take off like that!

Book 1 of Autism and Love *****

Noah meets a special guy, but things aren't really normal.


Illuminated is a journey, an awakening, a discovery. It is Logan Blake's search for a truth that will set him free from the chains that bind him to a lie. And, in order to survive this journey, those around him will experience a bitter betrayal, but will he experience deliverance?


Zach Kristofi, alongwith his best friends Liam Price and Hailey Zou is about to begin his new journey in high school. A cheerful, carefree teenager that he is, he loves his life. Though there are some secrets in his life he is afraid to reveal. Liam is the only one who knows and understands it since he is also a partner in crime…


Continuation to "Better than the best" Summary : Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart, otherwise it would all mess up.


Riley Gibson and Kyle Morgan are two people with a history. Fate brings them together after living some years away from each other. The boys come face to face in a beautiful place "Arkansas", however, happening to witness a devastating calamity ready to claim their lives. Will this be the end or will they discover their love all over again?


Austin Reyes is a man with a past darker than a dungeon. Turn of events happen when a handsome man unexpectedly walks into his life. A porn model, who strives to give Austin a new life, tries his level best to break through his shell and in process, falls in love with him. With him, life for Austin gets better and a beautiful future comes into view. But what price would he have to give to get that happy ending?