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Song Of The Dark's Stories


After losing his lover, Zak became cold and violent. Will helping a boy, who reminds Zak of Leo, thaw out Zak's heart and making him fall in love again?


After a year of being gone, and not being able to remember what happened during that year, you would think that Graydon would take it easy and try to figure it out. But he justs wants the horrible dreams to stop and he doesn't want to suffer from them.


Mark was always different. By when everyone found out he was gay, his Pack sent him away. So Mark now lives with a new family. Two incredibly hot vampires, and one slightly depressed warlock. His life is starting to look up. But then again. Things never stay good in Mark's life for long.


Death is sometimes just a bump in the road....sometimes revenge can go far beyond the limits of life......and blood will flow just like wine.....


A meteor will fall to the ground. A new Prince will be crowned. But he will have no idea of his heritage or of what he can do.


Some find the night as inviting and welcoming....some find it scary and dangerous....and some know that if is for revenge and death......


Mark and his friends were always the odd ones out. But when a new boy starts to go to his school their lives are turned around. Mark is persistant on finding out what Erik has to hide about himself. And Erik is persistant on Mark never finding out. Will Erik's secret destroy the world that MArk thought was normal?