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thatboyChase's Stories


The story of Elijah and all of His peoples.


Five years have passed since the battle at the Seat of Elijah. Braden has taken charge as stand in king. The kingdom had rebuilt itself to the golden shine it once had been. However, a storm blots the horizon, a body goes missing and a mysterious messenger attempts to summon Braden to a world he has never even heard of.Still troubled by the disappearance of Jeremy Worthington, Braden finds it in his heart to search for the True Speaker of Elijah even if it will take him to the brink of death.


Rust is my Mother, my Father, my Brother, my Sister...Rust is all I see until we reach the sea.


Connor was evil. So fucking evil.


What the fuck are you looking at?


t is a collection of creative traffic. Imagine my track of imagination and creativity, a highway of sorts. All the work produced and posted here is the traffic. Thusly clearing the way to the turn offs I need to reach (my actual stories or large writing projects).

It makes sense after you think about it. But enjoy none-the-less.

Book 0 of untitled *****

word poem full of words