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Tiger's Stories

Book 2 of The Dark Earth Saga -----

Julian will face many challenges in his search for the truth regarding Cristobel's disappearance. New heroes will assist the White Knights in their quest to rid Earth of the Dark Knights. Will they win the war?

Book 1 of The Dark Earth Saga *****

In 3007, Earth is a much differenct place. Some humans have reached a new stage of evolution. Two of these evoloids have taken over the planet. The White Knights have recently recruited a powerful evoloid hoping that he can help defeat The Dark Knights.


These are poems about my various emotional states. As with the other collection, these are often angsty.


2008 Spring Anthology


Sometimes they hurt you, but other times you just need a little patience.


Poems of lust, love, and passion.

Warning: Adults only! If you're too young. Please do not read them.


Some groups have rituals that others may find disturbing. In these poems, Tiger explores these rituals.


Jesse and Marcus have both suffered great losses. They turn to each other for support. All is well until Jesse's past catches up with him. Meanwhile friends and family cannot seem to stay out of trouble.


A poem about finding answers and escaping harsh realities.


These are poems with one-word titles.

Book 1 of Magical Empire Saga *****

Mihai is on a quest to become the most powerful wizard in the world.


A poem about feeling like an outsider and disliking the evils of the world.


These are poems I wrote several years ago.


There are poems of love and love lost