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TurtleBoy's Stories


A not-so-continuation, Christmas Special of The Ghastly Obscenities of Brady Jeston. This story was written for a Christmas Collection of five stories and released on Christmas Eve.

This is the story of Brady Jeston and Mark Dawson as they embark upon a Christmas adventure with their family to a cabin on Three Legged Lake, Ontario.


To Elliot Perk, nothing was more important than escaping his abusive father. Little did he know that what he really needed was something he would not discover until the day he died.


Every decision a person makes can have consequences. But what if you never knew you had an option? And what if you weren't given a choice?

Is love worth immortality?


Brady Jeston is a quiet, introverted 13 year old who only feels safe and in control when playing online. In Brady's world, his dreams are never to be judged, his actions are never to be ridiculed, but most importantly: In Brady's world, no one can hurt him. Then, as if torn from his very roots, Brady witnesses a new family moving in across the street...

A boy from Cambridge...

A world of shadows...

A life changed forever.


Adrian Conner has just moved to a strange, new town by the name of Oakpoint, Alberta. At first everything seems perfect. The town is beautiful and surrounded by forest and wildlife.

Of course, nothing's perfect. With every passing day, Adrian finds another flaw to this seemingly perfect web. Does the mask of beauty, block the perception of evil, and is sudden love and happiness yet another mask to this town of mystery?

Or evil in its purest form.


Throughout all of time, in every culture and land, there’s been talk of a wondrous spring – of water so pure and untainted by man, that its power can heal and keep life. But what if this were true? Would immortality really be eternal, or is forever never enough?


A small, unintentional act of kindness changes two boys' lives forever.