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W_L's Stories


A little fantasy comedy about a boy and his dog, featuring a surprising guest from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.


Memories define our lives, but can life define memories?


Imagine having the perfect life as gay man, you have a partner since you were a kid that loves only you. You are both married and have son. Your old father has finally come around to accepting your sexuality. You are rich through sheer intelligence and good business skills. The perfect life....

Then, the world begins to hit you, how far will you go to get revenge?


Welcome to the world of Causality, Ancient Eastern Mythology and Modern Science Fiction blends together. I hope everyone will enjoy my take on classics and new stories on modern approach.


A short little "what if" fable on the tortoise and the hare.


A band of refugees leave earth for a new world. What they discover on this journey will mesmerize, amaze, and bring terror unlike anything before.


The transformation of a Man, the journey he takes, and the Promises he could not keep


A story about the self-image and self-delusion within the world that we live in. It is a story inspired by It's a Wonderful Life


A new type of Western Story, very well researched, and perhaps a new genre away from the gay cowboy dynamic.


A Real-Life based tale of a cold New England night


Half Homage/Half introspection to Erotic gay fiction.


Contemporary fiction short story, it's sad and for some hopefully an eye opener.

Dialogue heavy with moderate language and scenes not for the weak of heart.

Book 0 of Language of Love *****

Two Chinese guys from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives meet. One is a 26 years old Southern Chinese born accountant from Cantonese based culture. The other is a 25 years old Northern Chinese born graduate student from a Mandarin culture.

There's politics, social differences, culture clashes, and even a hint of love.


What is the essence of life? Is it merely living moment by moment or is there more?


My first attempt at writing a play. Lots of conflict, characters issues, and even a Faustian influence (What can I say, I like my Devil's bargain)