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Cia's Official Story Site

Cia's writing involves stories about relationships, usually budding ones. The excitement and fun at the first meeting to the love or sorrow that can come down the line, it’s all there. She doesn't allow herself to be boxed into one genre, instead her stories can be spread out through multiple categories, including: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern, and even mixes of those and more. The common thread that binds them all is the realization that you never know what is going to happen next.

Cia's Stories

Cia's Stories

Story Info Published Status Reviews
A Legend is the Key
Two childhood friends were separated as their lives diverged. Now the kingdom is at war and death has struck the royal family. Nyle is called back from the temple. Can he help save his war ravaged country from a magical beast that threatens their borders?
-- Complete 15
A World Changing Gun
A new gun. A new world. How will Vance adjust to his new reality?
Dec 21 2012 04:44 AM Complete 14
Adverse Effects
Dade is no one's victim. He refuses to acknowledge the truth, that he needs someone who can help him. Of course, the last person he ever expected to find that in was an alien light years from everything he'd ever known.
Aug 06 2012 12:48 PM Complete 306
Brandon is everything to me. The choice I face is unbearable.
Dec 09 2010 08:21 PM Complete 11
Bonds Unbroken
The Carthera are a violent race, never failing to respond to battle, they nevertheless are a proud and honorable people. Except for the ferals. Battles for territory, fighting persecution from the humans, for the right to rule, have echoed down through the ages. In these modern times things are different, easier. Laws are made--and enforced--and peace, of a sorts, is possible. Some seek to end that.
Dec 17 2010 07:46 AM Complete 48
Boys From Nowhere
He's graduating high school, heading off to college soon. Is he ready? Something plagues him, doubts, dreams, voices from ... Nowhere.
-- Complete 13
Brought Home
Jo was a wanderer with few ties. One of the few people he was connected with gives him a place to stop and gain his bearings but can he ever be more than a screw up floating from place to place with no heart to call home?
Jan 02 2013 05:04 AM Complete 5
Burden of Secrets
They both have secrets they want to hide. Chris isn't out and his break-up with a waitress at the restaurant his father owns, and he's interning at, results in a lot of pain for someone else. He has to take care of Niel as much as he has to hide how much he wants him. There's something about him that draws Chris in. But Niel's hiding too, from some very bad ... people. Will he have the courage to tell Chris everything and will Chris still want him afterward?
-- Complete 14
Changing Focus
Sean was out in the woods taking pictures alone, at least he thought he was...
Dec 08 2010 02:22 PM Complete 12
Coupled in Synchronicity
Synchronicity acted in mysterious ways in my life, it always had. Scientists had been trying to decipher the magic of the planet since we landed; there seemed to be no guided intention to the events that happened, no sentient design, but still … things happened, important things, that could not be accidents.
-- Complete 20
Double Down
Marc is a man with a dangerous problem. When his brother won't give up trying to help him will he accept that help?
Dec 09 2010 05:57 PM Complete 8
These are a few of the short flash fiction pieces I've done in response to various writing prompts I've been given. I will post the prompt and then the short pieces I came up as chapters here. I'd love to see any pieces inspired by any of these prompts from others too!
Jun 14 2011 04:37 PM Complete 42
Dual Edged Hope
The moment when hope really hurts. Will Ayiwyn take a chance, or is he too scared to reach for who he really wants?
-- Complete 15
Ebook: Pricolici
Forced out, Tucker was vulnerable and alone. Betrayed by his haitas, he unknowingly drove straight for Pricolici territory. Their alpha claimed him, as a hultan and his mate. Tucker didn't believe him ... at first. Facing an attack from Stelian's ancient enemy, Tucker found out what he truly was.

Sep 28 2012 11:21 AM Complete 0
Eren's Light
Light and Dark are opposing forces, destined to be apart forever. Everyone knows that until someone decides to take what he desires, consequences be damned!
Dec 08 2010 12:02 AM Complete 2
Escaping the Pain
When things go wrong what would you do to get away? Dane tries to escape by running but something stops him. Is there a better way?
Dec 17 2010 08:03 AM Complete 65
Figuring It Out
Out of everyone who stares at him, Kiron hopes that one person is staring for all the right reasons. With his best friend pushing him to take advantage of college life and finally meet someone, Kiron is tired of being lonely. It's just not as easy as Ramiro makes it sound.
-- Complete 15
Heated Blood
Old world legends walk again and new legends are created when the world changed in a single flash of light. When the infants born in that moment begin to grow up, they're beset by danger. When the weak can't make it on their own, they do what they have must to survive. But when survival isn't enough anymore ... things change again.
Mar 12 2013 12:52 AM Complete 0
What forces a person into hiding? How do you find them when they are too afraid to come out?
-- Complete 10
He was never alone. Rage against that which torments him has broken him completely. His fate is decided.
Jan 14 2011 07:36 PM Complete 3
Davis has been alone for a long time. Between his club and his job essentially as a mercenary for Velaku, the local Carthera leader who let him live in his territory, he has little time to worry about finding a mate. If that is even possible for one of his kind. That doesn't mean he doesn't want one though.
Sep 14 2011 02:05 PM Complete 107
Inside of You
Jerret lied to his best friend to get out of dressing up in a heinous Cupid costume by saying he had a blind date. Turned out to be more true than he knew when Calix walked in and asked to share his table. But there was something strange about the male and Jerret didn't believe in commitments or love. Right?
Jan 08 2012 12:13 AM Complete 10
Invisible Scars
After a summer apart, Kiron and John face new challenges at school. Getting closer shouldn't be a problem, but Kiron has some very real fears. Will someone come between them, or will they find a way to work things out together?
-- Complete 12
Legends and Life
Rabbie doesn't believe in the gods and he resents his future as laird. His father is pushing him to get married and all he wants is to be alone and free to roam the land in all it's beauty. Taking his responsibilities too lightly causes more damage than he could have ever forseen. Somhlth is intrigued by him and the aura that surrounds him. A vision demands he help Rabbie but he finds himself wanting so much more.
Feb 07 2011 07:44 PM On Hold 7
Lost Inside
Benny had his mate for a few short weeks. A moment in time that is slowly dragging him down. Yuri is alive, he's well... but he's not really there, not the Yuri Benny loved. His mate screamed at the sight of him. Jerret was happily mated; Davis had found his mate in a human. But Benny is all alone with his rage and pain slowly eating him up inside. Something had to change.
Jan 15 2014 01:00 AM In Process 65
Married to the Enemy
The priests have proclaimed that I must marry Zaran, the leader of the army that had decimated my people for years. His reputation was fearsome but life couldn't get any worse for me, could it?
Oct 20 2011 06:05 PM Complete 22
Miah's Maze
Sure, alien shifters lost their planet lived on Earth. Miah'd never met one, so he ignored all the gossip. Then he moved to the city for school. After years of focus he let loose on the cusp of graduation and headed to a bar with his roommate. How could one conversation about shifters hunting humans would cause so much trouble? Ambushed and trapped, he refused to give in. His life, everything he'd ever wanted, is at risk. Will he find the right way out?
Mar 14 2014 09:05 AM Complete 14
Needing You
Cason depends on his ability to guide him. He's a respected Dom, but never has a sub twice. That's all it takes for them to learn what they need. It's never him. Vince played around for a little while, but his lack of focus is a problem. Doms don't get him or what he really wants. They see a hyperactive sub not trying. Cason can't use his ability with Vince. Can he help the younger man find true submission with the right man without it? Can he be that man?
Jul 06 2013 08:48 PM Complete 0
Never More Lonely
Owen met Cooper online and they became friends but that's as far as things could go. Then Cooper disappears and Owen is awakened to pounding on his door in the middle of the night.
Sep 19 2012 01:58 PM Complete 21
One Night
Bear's sick of picking the wrong man. He works in a friend's bar, though, so the offers to hop into bed, or the nearest surface, come nightly. Kameron doesn't ask him to go to bed though.
Jan 23 2013 11:13 AM Complete 85
Orphic Revelations
I was a slave. Captured by my uncle, forced into service, and then ... sold. To a wemic. A lion man, one of a race characterized by their vicious actions-and supposed love of flesh.

It would not be my flesh on the menu.
Nov 07 2012 11:17 AM Complete 45
Paper Trail
This story continues a few months after we left Nat and Marc in Double Down, now told from Nat's point of view. He's a private eye with a busy business, one at times boring. This newest case though...
Dec 10 2010 12:27 AM On Hold 4
Picked at the Peak
Aislin doesn't let his disability get in his way. He's a successful business owner and has a great family. Could it stretch to include a new person, or maybe even two?
Jun 17 2013 12:34 PM Complete 23
Tucker had been on the road for days, looking for something he couldn't name, though leaving his home and his 'family' was the hardest thing he'd ever done. When he gives in to a strange urge to enter a bar in a town where no one knows him, he finds that things in his life were never really quite what they seemed.
-- Complete 15
Protecting Bear
Bear has horrible luck with guys. Kameron seems like a good guy, but Bear thought his ex was a good guy too. He turned out to be a drug dealer. Kameron isn't who Bear thinks he is, though, and Vilem's enemies are looking for Bear. They want to… talk.
Jan 10 2014 03:42 PM Complete 0
Some Days Are Better Than Others
A lake, a walk, a silence, a memory made.
Mar 13 2011 02:10 AM Complete 2
Take Flight
They were best friends, planning on going to college together. Sayer left for his annual summer trip; everything was fine ... until Sayer didn't come back. Birch waited for him but eventually tried to forget him; he went away to college and got his degree. Now he's moving back home, back where he was with Sayer last. Will the other man have come back to town while he was gone? Will Birch ever know why Sayer didn't come back to him?
Aug 28 2013 01:35 PM Complete 43
The Breach
Talbot was an unexpected nudge from life I couldn't ignore.

Aug 01 2011 09:52 PM Complete 3
The Difference A Year Makes
Time always moves on, whether we are ready or not.
Apr 12 2011 07:00 PM Complete 12
The Experiment
Ryker thought he volunteered for an experiment that would help his government in a war against an alien planet. He didn't know he would become the experiment, or that he'd end up on a planet full of aliens that killed humans on sight. He wasn't exactly human anymore though.
Feb 10 2012 07:54 PM Complete 164
The Lords Sacrifice
Tarenna has a rich history, one of vast technological achievements and yet the natives now live in the wilds of the swamps. The leaders of the Trialedes must take action when invaders take over and try to find an ancient artifact, one that could spell the doom of the entire galaxy.
Dec 10 2010 12:04 PM Complete 2
The Price of Honor
One man wakes to find himself alone...and not where he expected to be. Who is the strange man that appears..and why is he...blue? Follow the story of Cale and Bel'loc as they find out where their honor will take them, and what they will pay to keep it.
Dec 10 2010 12:35 AM Complete 10
Two of a Kind
A hot steamy jungle, a plague in the past and present and two men who are destined to be mates. Volatile tempers erupt in a fiery tale of romance and magic.
Mar 06 2011 08:28 PM Complete 78
With Open Arms
Fear and pain surround Wes. His journey is witnessed and shared by the one person who will never give up on him. He just has to take that first step.
-- Complete 12

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