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Book 2 of 0300 *****

The sequel to 0300 Book 1, formerly published as "Finding Danny," updated and revised.


This is a continuation of "0300 Books 1 and 2," and parallels the second of those.


Ron ends up saving a kitten's life, but when he steps out for a moment, the kitten's former lives stop in for a visit.


When new recruit David Ford joins the Life's Pride as an apprentice under withdrawn engineer James Teegan, neither have any idea of where their working partnership will go.


A creature of Faerie sits down to tell their tale to a captivated listener. However, when the tale is done, things might be changed forever.

Book 2 of Ship Logs of the Santa Claus *****

Erron Murfin is the newest crew member on board the Santa Claus, piecing his life back together with the help of the crew and the chef, Gamin, a long time family friend.

Sometimes starting over is easy. Other times the past and secrets of others make it much more difficult. Erron simply wants to belong. Shouldn't that make it simple?


Devin was a normal boy but one frosty night on the way home from a school basketball game his life was changed forever. Blood will fall like Frost, and death will come on swift wings because of what happened that Night.


The protagonist, a centuries old vampire tells us of his death and rebirth into darkness at the age of 17, deals with trying to remember several years of his life that are blocked from his memory as well as coming to grips with his vampiric lineage. ~Where you end up in life is not so important as how you got there~


What would your life be like if you could always see the future? Would you do your best to alter everything or knowing you could only save a few would it affect you? Meet Tom Cleary, this is his life.


Memories define our lives, but can life define memories?


Ethan Phoenix fell in love with a man he thought did not return those feelings. Still he kept seeing him time and time again though the whole relationship was deteriorating. He didn't know his secret was not a wife or girlfriend but the fact that he is a mutant. Would knowing this save this couple?


Humanity has changed, the goverment is hiding a great secret. An enemy never seen by human eye is about to shake the very core of the current goverment.


The love of a sinner can be very alluring, don't ya think? Step into the world of December and Jarred as they try to stumble through love, lust, hatred, and secrets that can make or break the two young lovers.


This is one of those stories I wrote due to a discussion I watched between Renee and Lugh. They were talking about borrowing her vampire and getting him to listen. Considering I had read her story and thought the vampire being discussed was sort of heroic I thought what would happen if a vampire was the hero? Okay so my mind works strangely. This is the result.


Other than giving his allegiance to Vini, god of grapes, wine and ale, distilled spirits, healthy bowels, prosperity, the Harvest, and boyoes who accept the love of another boyo, Spid Doop is your average fifteen-year-old Schtickist. He hates Normals with a well deserved passion, he gets in trouble with his Mamt and Pubi, and he dreams of the day when he can have his own habitat. However, there is one thing different about Spid, a Normal boyo wants him.