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The children of the Sabaakax pack are running home for the holidays, and Socco wants a particular person to chase in order to help them get there on time. Because unless you're the lead dog, the view never changes.


Sammy and David are on a nice leisurely date, but with a policeman on the prowl and Sammy's anxiety problems being a bit prominent, the date is destined to take a turn for the worse.

Book 0 of "Waiting Outside The Lines" *****

One of the first 'fanfic' stories that I've written in YEARS! This series began as an entry in an online writing contest where I was given 3 young celebrities (Chandler Riggs, Asa Butterfield, and Greyson Chance), a location, and a general theme, and was told to create an erotic story out of it. This is the end result. I hope you guys enjoy it!


Jay Walker has 2 wishes: to produce a play with his best friend at Wellington’s Tory St. Theatre and to meet someone special. Someone he’d anything for. Someone who might only exist in fairy tales. Jay meets Lethe Cross and his music captures Jay's soul. Spending time together, Jay discovers Lethe's life is more nightmare than dream come true. Jay tries to help but ends up on the wrong end of a centuries old curse. A curse he can break Lethe's curse, but at what cost?


It was close. Humanity almost destroyed itself. Among the ruins there's only one Island city which still has technology the rest of the world can only envy. The entire city depends on spark. If anything were to happen to it… Well. it's better not to think about it. My name's Rick. I'm a Peacekeeper in that city. My city. I'll defend it from anyone who tries to destroy our source of spark. Even if it's a secret agent, deadly and cunning...


Three Earth Analogues come together in "0300 Book 2." Here are beginnings of two of them.

Book 2 of 0300 *****

The sequel to 0300 Book 1, formerly published as "Finding Danny," updated and revised.


This is a continuation of "0300 Books 1 and 2," and parallels the second of those.

Book 2 of Clockwise *****

Romeo is going to spend a romantic weekend with Julian. Jonah will take care of the coffee shop. Everything will be perfect. Until Romeo gets cold feet.


Follow the story of these two troubled teens as they are forced to face their demons, and find themselves.


1550 Loring Lane is a simple apartment building built in the early sixties using cement block painted white. You wouldn’t stop and take a picture of it as it squats amidst beautiful skyscrapers and old red brick fourplexes. But, there is something special about his building. Strange and bizarre things tend to happen to those living there and those with whom they associate.


David is more fragile than he thinks. His world churns on the journey toward a New Year's deadline. Only one person can rescue him.


One man lost his legs in war, the other in an auto accident. The war vet. helped the auto victim and in the process they discovered an invisible bond.

Book 13 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP) *****

9.11 is the thirteenth story in the CAP Saga. The story takes place in 2001, and will ultimately encompass the horrible events that happened on 9-11-01. Many of the characters in this story were introduced in “Chronicles of an Academic Predator,” “1968,” “The Land Whore,” “Be Rad,” “Man in Motion,” “A Summer Love,” “If It Fits,” “Bloodlines,” “The Box,” "Millennium," "Poor Man's Son," and "Paternity."

Book 3 of Clockwise *****

It's their first year anniversary and Julian surprises Romeo with a candlelight dinner at his office. He's about to give the most important presentation of his life.