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The Funny Thing Is * * * * * 18 Ratings


The Funny Thing Is, things always change when you get older. Cooper, Kyle, Spencer, and Sebastian are all older, but barely any wiser. When a blast from Cooper's past returns to threaten his status quo, how will react? How will he balance the quest for true love with his new status as a family man.
Contains spoilers for The List.
Copyright © Default

Story Note

All characters and names have been changed to protect those involved. This story contains a considerable amount of sexuality, adult themes and detailed description of adult themes. If this offends you, please consider not reading further.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue 15 reviews, 3,118 words,
  2. ...I Always Felt Like I Knew What I Was Doing. 14 reviews, 5,635 words,
  3. ...For Every Person I Hurt, I Hurt That Much More Inside 8 reviews, 6,194 words,
  4. ...I Never Expected Things to be Exactly the Same 11 reviews, 6,661 words,
  5. ...At the end of the day, I only had myself to blame. 8 reviews, 6,431 words,
  6. ...I Was Prepared to Give Anything, But I Didn't Think I Would Lose Everything 10 reviews, 6,612 words,
  7. ...I Never Quite Knew What to Expect 14 reviews, 7,527 words,
  8. ...Maybe is Neither Yes or Nor... It's Simply Maybe 10 reviews, 8,043 words,
  9. …Some Things Are Just Never What They Seem 11 reviews, 7,637 words,
  10. ...The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same 9 reviews, 7,426 words,
  11. ...You Can’t Get it All Right All the Time 9 reviews, 7,255 words,
  12. ...You Have to Take Things One Moment at a Time 10 reviews, 6,853 words,
  13. …Just When I Thought Things Could Reach a New Normal 12 reviews, 7,344 words,
  14. ...I Had Just What I Needed Just When I Needed It 10 reviews, 7,681 words,
  15. ...You Always Get What You Deserve 13 reviews, 7,170 words,
  16. ...Some Things Are Decided For You 15 reviews, 8,026 words,
  17. ...I Never Imagined I Would End Up Alone 10 reviews, 7,184 words,
  18. ...It's Those Closest To You That Surprise You The Most 8 reviews, 8,781 words,
  19. …Some Things Are Out Of Your Control 8 reviews, 7,322 words,
  20. ...The Right Decisions Are Often the Hardest to Make 12 reviews, 5,798 words,
  21. ...I Tried So Many Times to Do the Right Thing 9 reviews, 7,236 words,
  22. ...I Never Thought it Could End That Way 8 reviews, 10,222 words,
  23. ... Forever Is Never That Easy (Part 1) 12 reviews, 9,030 words,
  24. ... Forever is Never that Easy (Part 2) 14 reviews, 5,920 words,