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6. Chapter 6 Reviews Book 5 of Bridgemont

Miles Long%s's Photo

Aug 07 2014 01:33 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Even with today's technological advances, people still can't get things done in 30 minutes :P.
centexhairysub%s's Photo

Dec 28 2013 09:26 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

I think that Granger had to get rid of Darby, it was just going to be a bigger problem the longer he was there. I do feel for Darby though, he lost Travers and now Granger in a very short period of time. I hope he is able to get his bearings and realize that what happened was for the best and is able to move on with his life in the navy.

It is amazing what a few cannons can do to get someone's attention.
Andrew_Q_Gordon %s's Photo

May 28 2011 04:34 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Well tit for tat eh? Granger got Clifton from Jervis, Jervis got Darby from Granger. :)

I love the diversity of your work Mark, the way you handle the various captains, admirals, etc. You don't need me to say this but you have great touch for not only story telling but character development.

The example from this chapter is Nelson. You portray his as something of a child in a candy shop when he is given a task that involves action. His energy and zeal are so real I can almost see and hear him on deck telling Granger what he wants.

KevinD%s's Photo

Apr 16 2011 08:39 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Amazing what a few cannon can accomplish with those whose manners are a bit lacking..

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Yep. They usually respect one or the other.
sojourn%s's Photo

Apr 16 2011 10:08 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

I have eargerly awaited this post. Couldn't wait to ask a trivial question. Why are water casks being refilled when Belvidera has inovative water tanks installed? I am sure there will a short moment of embarassment when I read your answer. more please

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

No embarrassment allowed. She has iron water tanks (or casks). I felt that they'd still use the term "casks", but I should have been clearer. And they still need to be filled.
Tomtit%s's Photo

Apr 16 2011 10:01 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

I am enjoying seeing another side of John Jervis. He was born a mile from my house and his coffin (which I have seen) is in a mausoleum in the churchyard of the parish church. There is a very fine marble bust of him in the church. There is a story that he had a row with the vicar and swore that he would never enter the church again, "dead or alive" - so built a mausoleum outside the church !

So he is, of course, a local hero. In 1997 we had a great feast in the town to celebrate the bicentenary of the Battle.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

How cool! And the church story sounds just like him!
Daddydavek%s's Photo

Apr 16 2011 09:30 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Foisting young Darby onto Sir Jervis was a handy solution to a problem which was becoming obvious. I wondered if the meeting with Nelson would go well since George's knighthood and found it interesting that Nelson sent the newly arrived captain to deal with ship blocking the mole. Perhaps Nelson's test was double-edged, one to get the job done and two to let the rest of his contingent know how capable Sir George could be. I thought he handled the "request" to Captain Sutton of the Egmont with poise and understated deftness.....Now if only the council of thirty reacts responsibly! (Another cliff-hangar:))

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

That's not really a cliffhanger. We can always rely on George to be classy.
ricky%s's Photo

Apr 16 2011 01:23 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

An awesome chapter. Sad for Darby. I hope Lennox can sooth his ruffled feathers. It was good to see the name of Lennox again. I mis the lad.

As for the action, I love it when Granger overwhelms his enemy with his self confidence. It shall be interesting to see how the council of 30 react to his request. And will the privateer think he can take a prize on his way out? He must see his trough of duckets being hoisted into a gig as his services will no longer be needed if there is nothing to protect. And perhaps he will see a chance to gain status, I mean how many men have the opportunity to take Granger out? That would be quite the trophy wouldn't it? Even if done covertly or under a flag of truce. The Spanish wouldn't care how he was gone, just that he was indeed gone. The stories always become inflated and he has to be near god like to some.

A great story Mark. Thanks so very much for it.
r :worship:

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Thanks Ricky. I think the Spanish like and respect Granger. The French probably do as well. Now those damned pirates...
Rosicky%s's Photo

Apr 16 2011 12:24 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Most excellent, Mark! Glad to have Nelson back in the picture! And Jervis is as curmudgeonly as ever. :-) The Darby spectacle is a bit worrisome. I look forward to reading how it unfolds. Also interesting how Roberts fell a little short in his task of compiling the transfer list. Is that a one-off or foreshadowing something? I always enjoy your stories! Poor Man's Son has been entertaining, as well. Thanks for them!

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the review.
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