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8. Chapter 8 Reviews Book 5 of Bridgemont

Miles Long%s's Photo

Aug 07 2014 11:06 PM

(Chapter 8 Review)

Who would have thought that the eldest Granger brother would have more charming friends than Bertie? I guess in some cases opposite attract.
centexhairysub%s's Photo

Dec 28 2013 09:39 PM

(Chapter 8 Review)

I have to wonder why Izzy took off across the continent. This just doesn't make sense. I wonder if he did not want to travel with Lord Chartley. I have a feeling this is going to be a difficult voyage.

I do find Chartley very interesting. I have a feeling that he and Granger may be enlivening each other's lives...
Andrew_Q_Gordon %s's Photo

May 28 2011 05:01 PM

(Chapter 8 Review)

SEE!!! Villiers isn't so top notch after all - Like I said, the fact he was nothing like Fitzwilliam and Clifton spoke poorly for his being a fine officer :P

Ah yes, another youth for Granger to show the way it should be done, such a trooper. And this time he found himself with an 0:)

Some guys have all the luck.
Graham%s's Photo

May 02 2011 08:05 AM

(Chapter 8 Review)

Hi Mark,
Another excellent chapter, certainly within the traditions of the Royal Navy’s policy of 'Rum, Bum and Baccy' (English English). I’m so looking forward to the next installment, but that is usual for me especially when absorbing/inhaling your intriguing, interesting and captivating story telling. :boy:

However, I am slightly concerned with Sir Georges' possible/continued involvement with Perkins after the 'clinging' experience with Derby and the possible repercussions of that; the 'Old Boy's Network' was extremely political and very powerful especially with the 'covert' Crown/Royal involvement/fervor in the John Company around that time.

Thank you :great:

Take care and stay safe - Graham.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

"Influence" was the key back then, and George is blessed with it. Check out that article I posted on the forums.
sojourn%s's Photo

May 01 2011 06:18 PM

(Chapter 8 Review)

Ah for a moment I could almost feel the sea breeze through my thinning hair.

I am betting the new guy precipitates an extremis situation. Either Hot or Cold. This a fate altering moment for George.and Belvidera. Only a guess of course..... Plus we have not seen the brand, he has one of course has one. Just doesn't George does too.

writefasterfpostsooner more please

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Either hot or cold? Possibly. ;-)
ricky%s's Photo

May 01 2011 04:13 PM

(Chapter 8 Review)

Sounds like he would be well off to trade Chartley for Perkins given the chance. Perkins would be a good addition to the crew, but then again, you said Granger had bigger things to be concerned with besides the two walnut looking lobes of his brain.

I don't suppose he will be lucky enough to lose Chartley overboard en-route? It will suck having his quarters shared with such a stuffed shirt.

Nice that Jeffers and Winkler are finding some new ways to enjoy themselves. It's even more amazing that they can find the privacy to do ANYTHING on-board a shit the size of Belvidera . At least without an audience.

I think having Chartley onboard requires the deck showers to be rigged and the scoundrel made to scrub his wrinkly ass with everyone else, just for the humiliation of it. I know, I know, social status and all that. But a boy can dream right?

Somehow I feel a rat has been brought into the boudoir! :angry:
(I added the emoticon, because WE as reviewers, CAN.)

Nice chapter Mark. Great story. Loving every minute of it.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Glad you liked it. I have emoticon envy. Chartley may turn out to be interesting.
Daddydavek%s's Photo

May 01 2011 03:44 PM

(Chapter 8 Review)

Poor Sir George, he just gets a quick tryst in with a delectable piece and then is off to Italy and has to leave at once to ferry a self-righteous general, who insists on pulling rank, back to Gibraltar. Hopefully, the winds will turn and be as favorable sailing westward.

View Post Reply from Mark Arbour (author)

Fair winds? Good luck with that.
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