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A Wild Daisy * * * * * 3 Ratings


I always wanted to go to the ball, it has to beat prom night. This was my second story on GA, if I recall correctly, but it was the first story I finished. It may be the last story I finish. I would like to feel I have learned a few things in the last year. So, I may edit some as I repost it. Writing has changed me or I have changed my writing.

Copyright © Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original art, characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story was originally written in late 2009 and early 2010.

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© Copyright 2010 by Bugeye. All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Well, why not, I'm gay, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Saturdays alternate week to week. Sundays are for threesomes. I wish. I had this strange idea that I should be cocky. You can tell that in this story.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Prologue 1 reviews, 71 words,
    Chapter one was really a prologue. Just a short poem. The first poem I wrote on GA I believe. At this time images cannot be loaded, so be patient please.
  2. Chapter 2: Willie Day 1 reviews, 566 words,
    What can I say, it will end soon.

  3. Chapter 3: Blue 1 reviews, 755 words,
    I never promised you a rose garden.

  4. Chapter 4: Player 1 reviews, 792 words,
    Give it up.

  5. Chapter 5: Thorn 1 reviews, 629 words,
    You are a thorn in my soul.

  6. Chapter 6: Tic for Tac 1 reviews, 894 words,
    A conversation between an artist and his model.

  7. Chapter 7: Quarry 1 reviews, 1,047 words,
    Is Blue on the hunt?

  8. Chapter 8: Alice, Thad, Jax 1 reviews, 1,434 words,
    All of us have a story to tell, but how many stories have we forgotten.

  9. Chapter 9: Applause 0 reviews, 1,374 words,
    You can bend a straight man, but he wont stay bent. And a girl can lay-a-gay, but there will be hay to pay. In between lives the queen who flipped off her king.

  10. Chapter 10: Dark JuJu 0 reviews, 1,038 words,
    There is a reason Willie is the way he is.

  11. Chapter 11: Daydreamer 0 reviews, 1,001 words,
    This was my first time.

  12. 12 Picture: Blue's Backside 0 reviews, 17 words,
    This is not the original image, sorry that was lost. But maybe this will do.
  13. Chapter 13: Penitent 0 reviews, 1,067 words,
    It really is a sub(sandwich)conscious thing. If I try to write nothing comes. If I just shoot off without thinking, it comes.

  14. 14. Picture: Willie and Beauregard 0 reviews, 45 words,
    See, Beauregard is real.

  15. Chapter 15: Rant 0 reviews, 1,029 words,
    A thousand word rant. Ah life's pleasures.

  16. 16. Picture: Blue Dances Farewell 0 reviews, 201 words,
    Less image, more feeling?

  17. 17. Picture: A Wild Daisy 0 reviews, 48 words,
    The story title. A wreath. A wild daisy in a rose garden. A little poem, plain and simple.

  18. Chapter 18: Redemption 0 reviews, 1,361 words,
    What's that? Sorry, but I can't hear you.

  19. 19. Picture: Rescue Attempt 1 reviews, 17 words,
    Last contact. Last moment. Last.

  20. Chapter 20: The Unexpected 1 reviews, 1,010 words,
    The Winner's Circle.