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The Celtic Dragon Saga * * * * * 3 Ratings


Follow Keiran, Brian and Brigit as they wind their way through the forgotten world of Celtic myths, fabled creatures, and deities with their own plots and designs, in order to save this and other worlds from certain destruction.

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Copyright © 2011 drakeenus; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

This is my first attempt at writing all comments and critiques are welcome even negative comments are helpful.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue & Chapter 1 1 reviews, 4,556 words,
  2. Chapter 1 1 reviews, 6,308 words,
  3. Chapter 2 0 reviews, 6,111 words,
  4. Chapter 4 0 reviews, 6,040 words,
  5. Chapter 5 0 reviews, 4,900 words,