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eliotmoore's Stories


Graham (28) goes to the Christmas Eve service to be with his husband John. He is alienated from his deeply religious family and detached from the warmth of the service. He identifies a kindred spirit teenage Theo and learns they have more in common than he thought as Theo is joined by Jesse. Graham leaves strengthened by the encounter.


Michael (18) has just graduated from high school in the small town of Vimy, Assiniboia. Life has been predictable and his parents counsel him to make responsible choices about his future. His sister comes home for the weekend and entices him to a college party out at a local farm. Michael, tired of the endless round of drunken partying with familiar faces, looks forward to the chance to step into the new world of college.


Greg Cox feels responsible for the tragedy that has shattered his family and he reluctantly follows his father north to the small town of Bonner. There Greg meets Seth Patterson and the in the midst of a strange contest Greg comes to terms with the past and learns to make a commitment.


Fourteen year old Daniel Murrell finds ninth grade at Riverview High School a serious challenge. Beneath the school's mentorship program is a strong undercurrent of violence and abuse. His year is a rite of passage in which he comes to terms with his bisexuality, forges new friendships and comes to love.