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Packing, Moving, Programming, Oh my!

Posted by , 17 June 2008 · 603 views

Life in General
Well... I'm moving back to the city I want to be in. I start my new job on 7/7.

I am moving this week. As such, I have been spending a LOT of time packing and going through my junk. I have more books than I thought possible. I'm going to need a large room just to hold them all.

Let's see... I have also been working on the Story Archive. There are some very major updates coming soon there. It will also be the first place we deploy the new logo. Steph has been working hard on getting that new system to work. Meanwhile, I've been working on the interface to allow all registered users to suggest updates to the archive and suggest new stories for it. When I'm all done, it will be a lot more member-friendly and should be the place people go to find the stories they want to read.

I'll write more when I'm settled in.


You settled in yet? Been awhile since you've told us how you're doing.

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