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Posted by , 18 June 2015 · 195 views

I'm back? Lots of happenings. More later.

On May 12th 2011, I OD'd.

Posted by , 16 January 2012 · 603 views

Hitting rock bottom at 21 is pretty impressive I think. No? Well...ok. Maybe not.

On what you ask? Thats for me to know. But it was, to be completely honest, the worst experience of my life, and considering how much I've been through, that's really saying something.

I'll start from the beginning:

Here in Los Angeles there is this thing called...

Depression: A 21 year odyssey

Posted by , 22 October 2011 · 865 views

It really just sucks the life out of you. To be completely honest, Ive been finding it harder and harder to care about things - and this entry will be a bit scattered and Im sorry for that, but I just had to get my thoughts down.

I was pretty close to voluntarily committing myself because of all the issues in my head, but I got over it. But now its...

First Chapter of The Harlequin is up!

Posted by , 26 July 2011 · 360 views


Now go read it.


My life: an update. And I'm in need of a hero! (or beta reader/editor)

Posted by , 16 May 2011 · 409 views

Its been a while.

Hi people!

Um...some new things that's happened...

I got new tattoos and piercings. School is going well. Got new roommates. And a boyfriend. Still a ProSub. (If you're wondering, see my last entry). Found an old story that I started, so now I'm editing it and looking for editors/readers.

Um...that's pretty much it....

I'm a Sex Worker! And a Tattoo.

Posted by , 30 November 2010 · 511 views

So I'm a sex worker.


"Schedule" is a funny looking word. I think its the "sch" and the "du". It looks German. Or Yiddish....Sorry...

I have a job now. I'm an intern in the legal department of a medical research company.

I got another tattoo. It's on my neck. It says "Howl." I love it. Got it...

Novels, BDSM Clubs, Family, Whoredom, Music and Tattoos.

Posted by , 21 July 2010 · 838 views

Ugh. I have started this entry at least 21 times since my last entry. But I really dont know what to update you on. Dunno if a lot has changed since then. f**king depressing now that I think about it...

Reread a series called The Doctrine of Labyrinths by Sarah Monette. It's completely queer and fantastic. Her writing is so immersive (is that a word?)....

Foundations and I

Posted by , 17 November 2009 · 176 views


Thursday night, everything's fine
Except you've got that look in your eye
When I'm tellin' a story and you find it boring
You're thinking of something to say
You'll go along with it, then drop it
And humiliate me in front of our friends

Then I'll use that voice that you find annoyin'
And say something...

An update...I guess.

Posted by , 16 August 2009 · 111 views

So J is in a mental hospital and has been for a week or so.
But its not my problem cause he isnt my friend.
A while ago he went behind my back and talked shit about me to a mutual friend, who I was, at the time, messing around with. That person then told me and I confronted Jon about it. He said that everything he told Shawn (the guy I was f**king) was...

Suicide attempts, shootings and drag races, and stuff...part 1.

Posted by , 19 May 2009 · 279 views

But first:

A hilarious commercial.


If you know me, one thing you can count on, is that Ill tell you the truth. People know Ill tell them what I think. And I try to be as honest as possible. Now, one of the things that comes with that is telling the...

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