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The Fall of Ast@r0th

Y R U being such a doucheface right now?!?!

Posted by , 03 August 2010 · 402 views

So I'm kinda down, The Hot Professors getting married soon. But I am happy for him.

What else can I talk about? My current daily activities include job hunting playing video games and sitting on my ass staring into space until about 6 every late night.
Insomnia is a Bitch.

Besides that I got nothing. I'm slowly dying of boredom and lack of...

Is... Is this thing on?

Posted by , 01 August 2010 · 519 views

hmmm, feels strange to be back after so long.

But I did make it back. Wow.

I guess this is the part where I come back and start talking about all the extra time I've had to get chapters written and revamp stories and such but it's not gonna happen.

I did manage to get a bit more cynical and acerbic though. That's one thing I managed to work...

Anger Management: Party Of 1

Posted by , 03 June 2008 · 357 views

Ah now everyone here and comfortable? too damn bad!!

So what can you do when you feel like a bomb thats dangerously close to exploding? I've found that well placed glares work best.

and the best part? The madder you get and hold it the more menacing the glare gets until people are struggling to get away from you.

Now before you say...

I "borrowed"" this from Viv

Posted by , 02 June 2008 · 519 views

Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your partner?
What partner? even if i had one hell no

How old will you be on your next birthday?

Have you ever seen a live bat?
sure have

Is there anything/anyone you hate?
yes but i dont think ill share the reasons.

Are you single?

Do you like the color orange?
no. uh-uh, seriously


Confessions of an incredulous mind

Posted by , 20 May 2008 · 274 views

You ever had that over worked ad underpaid feeling? I dont care what anybody says the cost of living is way too high for college students who dont go to these enormantly large universities.

anyway I'm kinda waiting to hear about the decisions concerning funding for school using lenders because I just know I'll be required to learn as much as i can...


Posted by , 12 April 2008 · 452 views

I'm just tired of everything at this point.

Friends, Family, school. How come nobody ever tells you that sometimes rage can feel good?

I'm ready to go. I've been thinking of moving away from everyone i know and then remember I have no money.

so instead I lock myself away and visit that place in my mind(o_O)

no I just imagine sweet...


Posted by , 07 March 2008 · 318 views

so I just found out about the censors after my last entry.

I expressly had the need and desire to say f**K!!

and if i was in the mood I'm pretty sure I could work the word i

This absolutely pisses me off. half of my well thought blog has disappeared. I'm tired. i.

i crave affection today for some reason. I just feel like my heart...

But Seriously

Posted by , 06 March 2008 · 257 views

Ok kiddies. todays lesson you ask? Why do parents search and search for your boiling point and then when you reach it act like they haven't been feeding the fire of your unstoppable meltdown? and why do they insist on doing it so frequently that your constantly walking around with a permanent f**K you expression when you know they're nearby?


Meltdown imminent

Posted by , 03 March 2008 · 361 views

I passed all of my finals thankfully and walked away with a 3.25 gpa. but my classes start back tomorrow. DAMN!!

Why do some people always feel the need to try to take advantage of you when you try to help them?
I went into work saturday to make up a day missed on wednesday, and I was only supposed to be there to assist the girl who was working...

playing hooky

Posted by , 27 February 2008 · 316 views

OK. so i know that i got out of class at noon today and should have came straight home to study for my final which i have in 9 hrs, but acting like a fool in DC seemed like so much more fun at the time. Me and two friends who we will call euro and logic went to the fashion center at the pentagon to start. now keep in mind that euro is a girl and logic...