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Life is worth an entry

I Am Ready For A Stable Relationship

Posted by , 29 May 2016 · 42 views

I am taking my love life nice and slow. I have a lot of insecurities, a lot of unknowns, and a lot of pent up sexual frustrations. That's my life right now. 
My 1st question is, do I love him? 
I don't know, he's charming as hell though 
2nd, Can I settle don with him? 
Maybe, but I want to learn more about him 
I am entering that...

Thoughts From A Chinese Funeral

Posted by , 15 May 2016 · 58 views

Life, Death, and rituals, there's a lot of things Chinese people do that is strange and alien to many people. In some ways, it is anachronistic and in other ways, it is a sign of cultural longevity. 
For 5,000 years, funerals have happened in similar manners for millions of households, if not billions. There's kneeling, ceremonial bowing, a bit of su...

Updates On Writing And Some Stuff

Posted by , 29 February 2016 · 123 views

0's and 1's is coming back soon! 
I have been busy for the last two months between a trip to Vegas and some other stuff at work, but I am back into writing Book 2. Currently I have 2 opening pieces edited and ready, but I want to give myself at least 8 chapters lead time just like Book 1, which worked well. 
It will be a scheduled release of 1 c...

Why I Wrote Last Run To Mosul?

Posted by , 13 February 2016 · 129 views

I am post timing this blog entry to coincide with Secret Admirer contest, I don't expect to win, but if I did I am really grateful to all the readers that chose my story, despite how different it is from my writing style. 
So the big question for all the readers, why did I write a story like this? It's so tragic, so detailed and impact with a subject...

Have You Ever Had A Strong Desire To Save A Character From His Author?

Posted by , 07 February 2016 · 163 views

It's a taboo among writers, which I understand. We respect one another ability and respect our works mutually Still, recently, I came upon a story that I was so angry at and so desperately desiring to change the fate of its protagonist that I wanted to ask the author if he would allow me to do a sequel based on his work, which has been in limbo for y...

Chapter 12 Of Cbdt- End Of Book 1

Posted by , 01 January 2016 · 124 views

I've done it, I have finished a novella. So Book 1 is now in "complete" status, this is my second novella and it is much more reflective of my writing concepts, ideals, and conflicts than my rushed attempt last time to rewrite a lost novel. 
As for this chapter, it asks a lot of big questions...

Cbdt Chapter 11 (1 More Chapter Before Hiatus And End Of Book 1)

Posted by , 25 December 2015 · 90 views

Before I begin my weekly blurb, I just want to congratulate all the contestants of the Secret Santa story contest. 
Now to start, escalation and counter-escalation is something I love exploring. If you live in a world where threats exists from extreme ideologies, why won't reactionary elements...

Star Wars Episode 7 Force Awakens (No Spoilers)

Posted by , 20 December 2015 · 112 views

That was AWESOME! 
Seriously, they pulled all the stops, we got to seeold favorites and new faces with great backstories and mysterious pasts. I was scared JJ Abrams couldn't handle this franchise, but I was wrong, he did it well and added some fun plot points. When Han Solo (Harrison Ford) came back on the Millennium Falcon, a round of applause came...

Cbdt Chapter 10 (2 More Chapters Then Hiatus Break)

Posted by , 18 December 2015 · 102 views

The plot thickens; the relationship between Hunter and Kevin is complicated to say the least. There is definitely romantic and sexual tension, but losing a lover is not something you can get away from easily, nor is a Nervous breakdown really a great start of a romance. I am being realistic with th...

Miracle On 34Th Street 1947 (Non-Lgbt Movie Review)

Posted by , 17 December 2015 · 108 views

Why do I consider this movie to be one of the best Christmas movies ever made? 
Simple, in a society that has become so cynical and hopeless, it is a refreshing reminder that the world can surprise you. Faith is something this movie transfers in a non-religious way to conceptual reality. If a man says, he's Santa Claus, we would likely say he's insan...