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The Saga Continues...

Why Blacks Won't Push LGBT Equality Across The Finish Line

Posted by , 16 September 2013 · 560 views
equality, lgvt, black, commentary and 2 more...
An article published on gay.net asked the question? “Will African-Americans Push LGBT Equality Across the Finish Line?”
The answer is a big, bold, NO!
President Obama has the task of cleaning up the mess left by President Bush who ruined our great nation and leaving it in shambles. Unemployment was at an all-time high, banks were going bankrupt, the...

Political Battle Rages on in Texas Over HIV/AIDS Drugs for Low Income Patients

Posted by , 16 September 2013 · 457 views

Political Battle Rages on in Texas Over HIV/AIDS Drugs for Low Income Patients inShare 0

Dallas County Health officials are pleading and begging with the state NOT to cut funding for HIV medications. Why? Because there's an epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Texas that places the State at number 4. The Senate subcommittee on Medicaid is recommending elimination of funding fo...

Epidemic in the School Yard!

Posted by , in HIV,AIDS 16 September 2013 · 480 views
HIV/AIDS, LGBT, HEALTH, CDC and 5 more...
Epidemic in the School Yard! The HIV/AIDS epidemic is now in the playgrounds of schools throughout the nation, and is becoming a horror to parents who find out that their child is one of the statisics in the epidemic. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, condoms are being given to 11 year olds in lieu of Barbie's for girls, and Tonka Toys for boys.

Philly has the highest number of sex...

Dirty Politics Part II

Posted by , 29 November 2010 · 705 views
republicans, corporate american and 2 more...
The Saga Continues…Dirty Politics PART II

By Nevin Jefferson

Posted Image The Saga Continues

After The 8 Years of being Bush-Whacked by the...

The Plot Thickens!

Posted by , in HIV,AIDS 29 November 2010 · 574 views
hiv, aids, aids awareness, black and 3 more...
The Saga Continues…

The Plot Thickens!

By Nevin Jefferson

The Minister stopped at his favorite bar to offer comfort and solace to those who were lost without hope, lonely, and needed someone to talk to. He was there solely for inspiration and an open invitation for prayer to place the person’s needs and concerns into God’s hands. He wasn’t...

Dirty Politics-The Dick And George Puppete Show!

Posted by , 26 July 2010 · 548 views
glbt, social bigotry, gwbush and 4 more...

The Saga Continues....
The Dick & George Puppete Show!
A Saga Series:Part I
Posted Image

This is a Saga Series about the Bush Administration that was like Holocaust complete with a new...

Iffy Lube!

Posted by , 11 May 2010 · 421 views
aids, hiv, lifestyle and 2 more...
The Saga Continues....
By Nevin Jefferson

The Center for Disease Control is trying bend us over and slap on a glob of Iffy Lube before giving us the mind f**k of a contradiction. On Tuesday, November 8th , the CDC had their very own Dr. Douglas announce the following: "Syphilis has increased 8 percent during 2003-2004. This increase...

Boy Shorts

Posted by , 21 October 2009 · 587 views
seattlegaynlesbianfilmfest and 4 more...

Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Boy Shorts

By Nevin Jefferson

Frequent Traveler

Patricia Bateira;2007 Portugal 8 minutes with subtitles.

Frequent Traveler is a human comedy of errors that just keeps getting...

Hollywood JeT'aime

Posted by , 21 October 2009 · 435 views
gay films, Hollywood JeT'aime and 3 more...

The Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

By Nevin Jefferson

Hollywood JeT'aime

Production: Lightfoot Prods.
Cast: Eric Debets, Chad Allen, Diarra Kilpatrick, Michael Airington, Jonathan Blanc, Scott Romstadt.
Director-screenwriter: Jason Bushman
Producer: Charles...

Waxie Moon

Posted by , 20 October 2009 · 353 views
waxie moon, Male Burlesque and 5 more...

The 2009 Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Waxie Moon

By Nevin Jefferson

Cast & Crew

Director Wes Hurley

Producer Wes Hurley


Marc Kenison/Waxie Moon, Steel Orr, Miss Dirty Martini, Deirdre Timmons, Elsa...

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