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GA's Newest Promising Author: Puppilull

Posted by , in Promotions 28 July 2016 · 327 views
Author Promotion, Puppilull and 1 more...
GA is happy to announce our newest promotion to Promising Author, Puppilull ! Puppilull has only been writing on our site for just over a year now, but she's already posted several unique stories that have grabbed our readers' attention. If you haven't read any of her work before, let me suggest her contemporary romances Thaw and Frost . My personal fa...

C S R Discussion Day: The Window Washer By Zenith

Posted by , in CSR Book Club 25 July 2016 · 234 views
CSR, The Window Washer, Zenith
This month we're featuring Zenith's story, The Window Washer . Did you have a chance to read it? Hard to believe the discussion day is already here, but it is. Check out my questions to Zenith, where I pump him for vital information like his clothing habits, and he reveals his favorite places to plot! :o ​ Have you ever gone out in public, realized y...

Weekly Wrap Up (July 17 - July 23)

Posted by , in Weekly Update 24 July 2016 · 88 views
Weekly Update
I'm back! A huge thank you to Cia and Steve for their work on the blog during my vacation. I hope everyone had a great week, but before I get started on the wrap up, I wanted to give a quick reminder that the theme selection for the 2017 anthologies has started. To post your suggestions, visit the thread , but please make sure to read the guidelines poste...

Weekly Wrap Up (July 10 -- July 16)

Posted by , in Weekly Update 17 July 2016 · 123 views

Howdy Partners :cowboy: Today is the last day of stampede, so I shall be putting away my Cowboy hat, boots and buckle for another year ;)  Today I want to start the blog off by announcing the Love is Love Anthology is now been published and available for download or purchase of hard copies. Since the tragedy in Orlando, many great Authors and Poets...

Weekly Wrap Up (July 3 - July 9)

Posted by , 10 July 2016 · 207 views

Howdy, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend :cowboy: I know I am, and I know Renee is as she is off camping!  Monday brought us our Monthly CSR feature from Cia. For July it will be featuring the story The Window Washer by Zenith. I might have to look at this one as the short description has piqued my interest.  Being the first Wednesday o...

July C S R Feature: The Window Washer By Zenith

Posted by , in CSR Book Club 04 July 2016 · 270 views
CSR, The Window Washer, Zenith
It's July! Who's staring out the window to the outside world full of blistering sun or frozen wasteland? Most of us, I think! So why don't you occupy yourself and enjoy The Window Washer by Zenith. This contemporary story has the power to take you out of your world and into theirs to enjoy Jerome and Rob's story. The Window Washer
by Zenith...

C S R Discussion Day: Things We Lost By Dabeagle

Posted by , in CSR Book Club 27 June 2016 · 271 views
CSR Discussion Day and 2 more...
June has absolutely flown by, but I hope you found the time to read this month's CSR story, Things We Lost by Dabeagle. This novella-length story has a ton of drama, but it's not the usual teen story at all! Check out my interview with Dabeagle first, and then share your thoughts or reviews on the story below. 
What is the worst thing you’ve ever ea...

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun 19 - June 25)

Posted by , in Weekly Update 26 June 2016 · 142 views
Weekly Update
I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Just a reminder: Tomorrow is the CSR Discussion Day for Things We Lost by Dabeagle. If you want to participate and haven’t finished the story yet, there’s still time! Now, let’s see what happened this past week in the various GA News Blogs.  To start your week off right, we featured Thaw by Puppilull. If y...

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun 12 - Jun 18)

Posted by , in Weekly Update 19 June 2016 · 169 views
Weekly Update
It's once again time to take a look at what has happened here on GA this past week. Emotions have run high after the news about the tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida. While many of us couldn't find the words to say how we felt, Steve managed to do what we couldn't, and shared some thoughts on what happened in Orlando . Some authors, both here at GA and...

Thoughts On Orlando

Posted by , 12 June 2016 · 982 views
Orlando, Pulse, Mass Shooting and 1 more...
http://www.gayauthor...tq-rip-flag.jpg  Shock, anger, sadness, resentment, and thoughts of revenge.

Those are the thoughts and feelings I am personally dealing with this morning waking up to the news of what happened early today in Orlando, Florida.

I’m sure there is much more we are all feeling and trying to work our way through ri...