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Ask An Author #26

Posted by , in Interview 01 April 2015 · 79 views

Ask an Author #26

Welcome back to another quirky question and answer session with your favorite authors!

In AtA #25 , we had questions for authors Aditus, Nephylim, and Stephanie L. Danielson.

In AtA #26, we hear from carringtonrj , joann414 , and Mark Arbour .

For their protection, the members who asked these questions shall remain nameless (unles...

April Signature Background: Magic in the Air by Andy78

Posted by , in Signature Background 31 March 2015 · 155 views

Spring is here! This brings to mind love, and, for teens, thoughts of Prom! I thought I'd feature one of Andy78's many anthology stories for April, and Magic in the Air absolutely fit! Originally written for the 2014 Summer Anthology: Back-up Plan, this story goes in directions you might not expect! Check out his story, and don't forget to download your b...

CSR Discussion Day: Roommates by Krista

Posted by , in CSR Book Club 30 March 2015 · 197 views

This month we featured Roommates by Krista for the CSR feature. I did an interview with Krista all about herself, her writing, and the inspiration behind Brett and Will, two best friends in college. Did you read the story? Don't forget to share what you thought! Krista will be available to answer your questions or to just chat about her story and writing...

Weekly Wrap Up!

Posted by , in Weekly Update 29 March 2015 · 158 views

I hope everyone has had a great week. Just a reminder that tomorrow, Monday the 30th will be the CSR Discussion for Roommates by Krista. If you haven't finished yet, there's still time so that you can come and ask Krista your questions at 8pm EDT. Now, let's see what happened in the GA News Blog during this past week.

Monday's featured story was Me...

Prompt Me!

Posted by , in Writing Prompts 27 March 2015 · 260 views

It's been quite a week, but now we're back to our regularly scheduled blog posts. That means that it's time for a couple of new prompts provided by the prompt guru Comicfan. Don't forget to share your prompt responses in the forum so that maybe yours can be the featured response next week. Also, don't forget that you can post your responses in GA Stori...

Irritating Busybodies and Former Members

Posted by , 24 March 2015 · 1,659 views

It is not often that I have to do this and given the hellish time I've had to deal with in the last four weeks with the death of my father, I quite plainly resent having to write this blog at all. A former member of this site, Irritable1, had a disagreement over some of the content we've allowed on the site. It apparently offends her sensibility and she t...

Featured Story: Meta

Posted by , in Featured Story 23 March 2015 · 489 views

Being the start of a new week, Monday's are also a good time to take a look at some of the different stories that can be found on Gay Authors. With so many great works, it can be easy to overlook one and Monday's provide an opportunity for us to help make one of them stand out and maybe catch your interest. Today, we're bringing you a review by Timothy M....

Weekly Wrap Up!

Posted by , in Weekly Update 22 March 2015 · 218 views

I hope everybody has had a great week. It has been a very busy week here in the GA News blog. Don't forget there's only one week left before the CSR Discussion on "Roommates" by Krista, so if you haven't finished reading, you still have a little bit of time. Now, let's see what happened this week in the blog!

Our Monday feature took a look at Leaving...

Prompt Me!

Posted by , in Writing Prompts 20 March 2015 · 366 views

The prompts are back! We skipped the prompts last week to bring you the Spring Anthology, but they're back with a bang this week! Not only do you get the two prompts you're accustomed to from Comicfan, Poetry Prompt #7 has been posted as well! I look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with! Also, I'd love your thoughts on the featured prompt resp...

GA's Newest Promising Author: Aditus

Posted by , in Site News 19 March 2015 · 368 views

Please join us in welcoming Aditus to the ranks of Promising Authors on GA! Aditus has several stories to his name, including a novel, a series of shorts, and a lot of prompt responses for readers to enjoy. He's also part of our Author Promotion team--giving back to the site and volunteering his time to uphold our quest for quality fiction on the site. Pl...

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