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What's New?

Posted by , in Featured Story 01 February 2012 · 1,602 views

Story Review Pitch Perfect intune Red Light Robyn

So... What's new? Today we have two new stories for you to take a look at... Pitch Perfect by Intune and Red Light by Robyn. So, go, take a look and review, review, review!


Pitch Perfect
by intune


reviewed by EmDee


After reading the first chapter of Pitch Perfect by intune, I was instantly hooked. In fact, I knew even before I finished reading all of the currently posted 10 chapters that I would be writing this review for the GA News Blog.


Pitch Perfect is an in progress story filled with love, friendship, and all of the teenage uncertainties that come with it. The story revolves around Lucca, who for as long as he can remember has been in love with his neighbor Matt. Resolved to the fact that his love will never be returned, Lucca tries his best to go on while dealing with the depression caused by the other problems that life has cruelly thrown at him.


As Lucca works towards climbing out of his depressed state, he is helped along by a wonderful father and some great friends, consisting of but not limited to a spunky young girl and an elderly man who can kick anyone’s ass at Scrabble.


While Lucca’s feelings for Matt continue to weigh him down, he meets Sam who is dealing with major life changes of his own. Sam is kind and caring with a bad boy edge, someone who would be perfect in helping Lucca move past his feelings for Matt. Yet just when you think that things could no longer get anymore complicated, the story hits you with twists and turns that has you glued to the screen—waiting with baited breath to see where it all leads.


Teenage love stories can be found a dime a dozen, but Pitch Perfect is one of those rare gems that not only stands out, but shines above the others. The best part of Pitch Perfect has to be the characters and just how real they are. The characters come alive as you read and you start to feel like you know them personally. All of the credit for this goes to intune’s wonderful grasp on writing. It is difficult to write characters that readers can’t help but get emotionally invested in, but intune manages this seamlessly. You will constantly find yourself cheering for Lucca and all of his friends as the story enfolds.


I highly recommend Pitch Perfect to anyone who is not only looking for a great story with an intriguing plot, but also wonderful characters that you won’t be able to help yourself from loving. Kudos to intune for writing such an amazing story!



Red Light

by Robyn


reviewed by Cia


If you’re looking for an exotic world with intriguing characters, you don’t need to go any farther than Robyn’s Red Light. She’s taken oriental influences and twisted them into her own take on the world of a geisha. . .and added sathi and keji!


In this world, some poor children are lucky enough to be chosen on annually on the day Motomo koun, or ‘the most fortunate’. They could be adopted into the house of nobles or rich men who have a chance at a life they would never have otherwise.


Kay, Nenne and Edun’s older sister Ayelet had been chosen many years before and was happily engaged to the son of a mayor in a town far away. But for some. . .they are not so lucky. Those who choose them do not want a child to adopt; they want a child to train.


For the three siblings life will become very different. They are forced to change and adapt in an emotional tale that will enthrall readers. The foreign feel to the story, the emotions I was so locked into when seeing events through Kay’s eyes, and the trials he faces all come together to make me wish there was more to the story, or that I could get Robyn to post faster!


So, if you’re looking for a new story to read and you love serials, check out Red Light by Robyn. You won’t be sorry.


Looking forward to your thoughts...

Thank you so much for mentioning my story, it's so very much appreciated!

Happy me is happy *v*
I've been following Pitch Perfet by intune since it was first posted. I am enjoying it thoroughly. There have been 49 reviews so far on the 10 chapters posted. Not bad at all. Additionally, the story is well edited; for me, that's always a plus.
Thank you for mentioning these stories. I had not read either story, have recently finished Pitch Perfect and will soon start Red Light.

i really enjoyed the first and have high hopes the second will be at least as enjoyable..
I haven't read Robyn's story, but I think I shall have to start.

Perfect Pitch is a favorite of mine, and I have to say the reviewer really captured how I felt. Sometimes stories reach out and grab you and you connect to the characters. It's almost impossible for me to say why, or how, but this one does that. If you haven't read it, read it, it's well worth the time.

Now I need to make time to read Robyn's story, Cia is not an easy critic, so that's a good sign all by itself. :)
I hadnt come across Pitch Perfect, but then ive been going through a list of completed stories.
What ive read so far ive liked, & i am now following the story.

This seems a good way of highlighting 'active' in process stories, like Pitch Perfect, where theres been a good number of chapters published consistently over time.
I have been following Robyn's story since it started and I LOVE it. Stupid as I am, it took me until the end of last year to understand the title but it didn't take me anything like that long to fall in love with the characters.

As soon as I actually have time to read I will be catching up with this awesome story... as long as she promises to be nice to my Seren
Emdee, again thank you for the review! And I really appreciate all the kind words from everyone :) When I read this it totally made my... month lol. :D