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Site Hacked - Sorry For The Nasty Email

Posted by , in Site News 17 April 2012 · 227,613 views

Site News

** 4/21 Note - now that most members have been briefed on what happened, the Daily Blog entries will return on Monday, April 23. -Trebs **


The site was hacked this morning and a rather nasty email was sent out. If you received it, I am quite sorry.


We are in the process of trying to correct the problem that led to this.


After the email was sent, the hacker deleted the entire site. I was able to restore a back up of the site, but we lost everything after the last back up.


Please repost anything that might have gotten zapped.


Sorry for the problems!


Site Admin

Aw, I didn't get the email but everyone else I know did. I guess I'm exempt from death.

Troll Hackers don't even know how to send out a proper message, I wouldn't have even known. -.-

<3 thanks Myr.
Haters are nasty, vile little beings. That being said, thank you Myr for working so hard to get this fixed asap.

If you notice any glitches, please post them in the topic I started in the Administration Communication forum. You can find it through this link.
Thanks for letting us know Myr. I knew that something serious was up.

It's hard enough to develop a website. It's a very sad state of affairs when you have to fight hackers to keep it online.

I hope they catch the prick. It would be fun to rip his head off and stick it on a pole.

I don't know what's worse, that the site got hacked or that I have that email in my inbox taunting me and I can't do a thing about it...."C James added a chapter to Circumnavigation". Some people are just unbelievably cruel.

Also, thanks for the hard work Myr.
I hope y'all are seeking criminal prosecution of whoever was responsible. It's most unfortunate that it happened, but frequesnt backups are always a good thing.
This sounds awful. How sad that people can waste their time and talent on being destructive in this sort of way.
Glad to see that you are on it; sorry to see that the world has not run out of peckerwoods.

Been a couple of years since I got a death threat.
Myr, thanks a lot for the hard work of restoring a backup.

The fact that a hacker has attacked our site is the proof of the success of GA !

i didnt receive the email, but... it's just.. wow!

Glad that things are back up. :)

Thanks Myr.
Well done for getting things back up and running so quickly.

scotchirish87 - don't worry, it's not a very exciting chapter. Nothing much happens... :-) Feel better now?
thanx for all the hard work, was hoping to be able to finish"how the light gets in"
My virginity got lost...any chance that can be restored from backup?
Hmmm, I was wondering why the admins were suddenly sentencing me to death... Thanks for quick response in getting this place up again :D Should we be changing our passwords, just in case?
Apr 17 2012 01:45 PM
Thanks Myr for getting it all taken care of so quicky :)
What would we all do without GA : o
I got the damned email as well. Thanks fo the heads-up, Myr.
Probably some christian fundamentalist judging from the condemnatory content of the email I got. Death my ass. Don't these people have anything better to do?
I never got the e-mail, but it's great to know that it takes more than one idiot to bring down GA.

Big thanks Myr.
I didn't receive the email either.
Ditto to what the others have said about restoring the site promptly. A site is nothing without its admins.
Hey All!! LTNS! I'm only hoping that it was just the words contained in the email (although my antivirus didn't show a red flag) since it came from Admin and I haven't been here in ages I went ahead and opened it out of curiosity (was wondering why the word "Warning" in the subject line.
I hope everyone is doing well.
Emails sent and then the whole site deleted. That sounds like pretty complete access -rather scary.
What a nightmare for an administrator.
Thank you Myr for all your work - which sounds like it's just had another layer of difficulty added.