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Featured Story: Stonegate Stables

Posted by , in Featured Story 23 April 2012 · 15,142 views

Story Review Stonegate Stables Gabriel Morgan

After a brief lull, we return to our regularly scheduled daily GA News blog, with this review of Gabriel Morgan's Stonegate Stables.


Stonegate Stables


Gabriel Morgan

Reviewed By: Renee Stevens
Status: Complete
Word Count: 230,697


I first started reading ’52 Panhead by Gabriel Morgan on another site. Since it wasn’t finished yet, I went searching for any site that might have more of the story. Instead of more of that story, I found Gabriel on Gay Authors and immediately found myself immersed in his story Stonegate Stables. Despite the length of this story, I was unable to pull myself away and finished the story in two days.


The story follows the life of Sean Flanagan, head trainer and the general manager of a successful horse stable. While I don’t personally know much about running a stable, the way the author portrayed it, I could see things happening the way he wrote. Whether he did his research or not, this story showcases the author’s ability to craft a very believable tale, in most aspects.


Throughout this story, Sean finds himself hooking up with multiple other characters, including his best friend Vincent, a chef. The pair have an unorthodox relationship in many aspects, but the more I read, the more I fell in love with these characters, especially Vincent.


It seemed like just as I figured out what I thought was going to happen, the author threw another twist into the story, or another character. While at times I had to pay very close attention in order to be able to follow the story and keep all the characters straight, no pun intended, I still found this to be a very enjoyable read. As the story progresses, the characters begin to pair off, but still get together socially. One of the biggest questions the reader faces is trying to figure out who Sean is going to end up with, or if he was going to end up alone.


Upon finishing this story, I felt that the author tied up the loose ends very well. Between this and his story ’52 Panhead, I honestly think I must say that I liked this story much better. I would strongly recommend this story to any reader as it is definitely worth the time it takes to finish. The only complaint I had with this story is that there seemed to be a gay guy around every corner, but hey, that’s why this is fiction!


Why not go check it out for yourself, and don’t forget to leave the author a review!


4 Stars out of 5!

Renee's comment about reading the story in just two days is very telling.

For anyone who enjoys a good read and loves animals as well as people who care about each other, I recommend this story wholeheartedly. Panhead 52 is on suspension but is also a wonderful story which is well worth your time!